Breaking Bread- The Meaning of the Lord’s Supper Part 15

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Reading the book of Esther, entrance to the king stuck me as what we should envision when we come to the Supper of our King!!  As you have read, when Esther went into the presence of Ahasuerus, had he not held out his scepter to her (a sign she was welcomed into his throne room and presence), she would have been slain. Esther 4:11 We often do not imagine the same in invitation of our Lord and King.  We assume we are invited, “we have been baptized,” we say to ourselves!!  Esther was queen and if she had not had the golden scepter held out to her, she would have been killed.  Do you think she did not believe this?  Like Esther, some do not think they have been “called” into the inner court but at their convenience.  We come when we want and stay away when it is not convenient, or when we can blame it on the kids, or lack of gas money.   Her entrance continued the Jewish nation; their existence DEPENDED on her entrance! “Think not with thyself that though shalt escape in the King’s house, more than all the Jews.  For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed.” Esther 4:13-14   The dangers of not attending reach beyond our souls to the soul and spirit of those whom we have brought into this world!!  We had all better seriously think and think long who have the tendency to “forsake the assembling of ourselves, together.” Hebrews 11:25   Maybe you had better go back and read Esther 3 and 4 and see where Satan has you and your children.

Imagine, being invited into the presence of God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit!!  The angels that hover as guardians over the mightiest Beings that never began and will never cease to be are there with wisdom that will never allow them to be jealous or envious of our presence, yet have never received such invitation for themselves.  We have come to remember the great plan of the ages, often called the “Mystery of the Ages.”  Into this realm of glory we come with all the attributes of humanity odorously emanating from our presence.  Most come into this regal splendor supposing it is something owed us or something gained because of our self-worth, but never with fear or concern from not being allowed, in!!  Like the old boy with a plug of tobacco in his mouth, we saunter into the holiest of holies with everything but thanksgiving on our minds for the death that set us free from sin.   No one ever looks to see if the scepter has been held out!!  We have been told that eating and drinking of this memorial holds death for us if we do not partake “in the proper manner of reverence and respect,” but here we come, some thinking we are doing God a favor for showing up this Sunday morning having left that pillow still soft and warm!!

We come to “share” something with Deity.  Of all the memorials offered by man, to man; nothing has ever made us think of what we share with God.  We remember WHY HE DIED, not in sadness, but in great thankfulness.  He who died, present with the scepter in His hand, “takes bread.”   Notice, nothing is said by Him.  When God makes a covenant with man, and chooses to use as a remembrance of his covenant, it “requires no language.”  All who assemble recognize and understand just what the bread represents or they have been debarred from this spiritual meal, for the scepter is recognition and respect for what the bread represents.  To mock Him whose body this represents, in His presence is something rare, even for man, yet some of our race have so done.  So, because of our indifference and disrespect, we eat to our death, the scepter did not leave His side!!  In the same state of mind, we drink of contents of the cup, for the contents, not the cup itself, represent the blood shed “before the foundations of the world.”  (Some have tried to argue about the cup, whether it is one cup or many cups-it is neither, it is the contents of the cup that Christ shed, not some chalice!! Don’t find yourself standing in the presence of the Being who shed this blood arguing about the container which holds that which He shed!!)  Our spirits sore within us as we, as quickly as we came, leave this room!  “Oh! What a fellowship, oh! What a joy divine; for we have leaned, for a moment, on the everlasting Arm,” but someday will stay, forever!!  Often, we never show the quiet-tude of respect and reverence deserved, nor does sadness grip our hearts. We have not reckoned where we have been and what we have lost in a fleeting moment that, in the future, will be ours for eternity. We awake in understanding, still in fellowship with the representatives of They whom we have left behind, till next week!!

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Joe David Wilson

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