Can I Decide? Part 2

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IF I were to walk into the portals of Heaven right now with God the Father sitting of His throne, God the Son on His right hand, and the Holy Spirit before His presence, what would I find?? Would I find Billy Graham with all his teeming millions present and allowed audience in the “room of the Deified” or would I find the apostles and all their faithful adherents from every generation since the Church of Christ began? Would anyone see a Pope from any period of time? Would John Wesley of the Methodist movement grace the presence of “the redeemed”? Would I find some tongue-speaking Pentecostal with all he or she has healed chanting all their religious experiences? You can get the picture can’t you? Where would the Mormon Joseph Smith be sitting, or the founder of the Jehovah’s Witness be? Can I decide who I will see??
Denominational preachers cry long and loud about “walking down the streets of glory” when they have never begun to “walk with the Lord on Earth”. The “streets of glory” they cry about which are mentioned in Revelations the 21st and 22nd chapters are the avenues in the Church of Christ on which they have never set foot!! Dedicated to “feelings as proof of their salvation” or some “religious experience” will not allow them into the regions of the reconciled!! The “feeling” is an emotion based on what I might think or understand. God has not left us in spiritual bondage to our whims or conceits. He has had written, kept His Word pure, and sustained its presence among all men for about 2,000 years. NO ONE can change a word, line, period, or inference without His damning them for their effort: how, then do I think I can decide?
“Whoever changes in the smallest respect the doctrine of Christ has not God. He that remains faithful to the doctrine of Christ, he has both the Father and the Son. If there comes any unto you and brings not this doctrine, invite them not into your assembly, neither add strength to their doctrine by allowing them to preach their damnation in your assembly, for he that bids them comfort and assurance is a partaker of their evil deeds.” II John verses 9-10 Paul writes by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, “I am not believing what I have been told by some that are so quickly distancing themselves from the Christ who saved us by preaching another plan of salvation than that He told us to preach. There is NOT another, but some would deceive you and preach another plan: this new gospel makes ineffective the effect the gospel of Christ has on you!! Be warned: even if I preach this gospel, changing what I had at first taught you, or if someone from Jerusalem preaches another gospel (claiming the support of the apostles that reside there) let them or me be accursed! If I have not been plain enough, I will re-state my position as an apostle of Jesus Christ charged with the responsibility of preaching the gospel to the Gentile: If any man preach any other gospel message to you that I have preached, he is cursed and so are you who listen and follow him!!” Galatians 1:6-9 Maybe I cannot understand what I read when I read it, but this seems to me to say: DON’T MESS WITH WHAT I HAVE HAD WRITTEN!! Or to put it another way: you cannot decide!!
What do we do with those who in spite of these warnings intend to have “it their way”? When we visited the portals of glory, who did you think was present with the Godhead? Again, I will ask: when we visited the realm of eternal Hell, who was there? Do you not think Hell will be a very confusing place with all those “want-to-be-Gods” down there trying to convince all their followers that they were not wrong, just wait until they get a hearing with the Almighty!! Hell would sound like a Pentecostal revival meeting!! To this pack of liars add the Muslims!

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