Can I Decide? Part 5

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With God making it so emphatic that His Word can never be altered, changed, added to, or taken from, can I be smarter than God? Is it not always the most intelligent, most capable, and the person with the most experience that is often sought when questions arise who has the respect of both parties and can bring peace? If we have a physical malady is it not true that we will seek the man who in this field of expertise has the best reputation, the most surgeries, and the fewest losses? If we were to put a person in the most difficult of circumstances, where nobody will win satisfying every ones wishes, and he or she has to decide on what even he may not want but what the Law demands; who would we choose?? Most find themselves with a certain mind-set, comfortable with they who think as they; who could you be certain to judge righteously and come down on the side of truth, what is best for the person, and who would have no agenda marring their judgment? Whether I like what is decided matters not, what matters is who can I without exception TRUST?? The answer is GOD!!
Who is the only Being in the Universe why would sacrifice His only-begotten Son, prophesy of this sacrifice over 2500 years before it was to be, prophesy for the past 1500 years in the Mosaical Government, and then have written a book to show how, in minute detail, all the prophetical announcements were accurately and completely fulfilled?? If it be a matter of languages and translations you question, what IF we could hire the Being who made all languages to do the writing? If it be a matter of time, age, and years on the job; what if we could hire One who is ageless, who can never grow old and who knew ALL those of whom He writes personally from the time they were conceived in the womb of their mothers until the last breath they breathed, who could read their minds, know their innermost thoughts, and never question their intent because He would know everything about them knowing from the ageless past He has never impugned any thoughts, He only records them faithfully?? What if this writer had NEVER been wrong on any subject, NEVER been confused over fact and what He desired, and NEVER be found in anger because His truth and doctrine were questioned? Who could question or impugn the motives of the Almighty? The question then could I decide becomes inane and foolish!!
As with the first article of this series, so with the last; it is not a question of can I decide, the question is who is going to be God! The Almighty has written by inspiration, sustained by Providence, and proclaimed by His Church the wonderful message of salvation. He has raised up men all through the ages to bring back in line His Church when she would go astray. He will continue with Her until His Son turns the Kingdom back to the Father when finality becomes reality. There is nothing left for us to decide on, He has given us “all things that pertain to life and godliness”, we will not find ourselves groping through the pages of man-made religion seeking our Master’s message. As is His usual persona, perfection has described another of His creations: “to whom shall we go, for He has the words of eternal life”!! The man or woman seeking another way to eternity and peace with God will now know decisions made concerning our path have before and forever been settled in Heaven. It will not be left to the avarice of man or the silly whims of the recalcitrant servant: God has spoken and the thunderous silence since inspiration declares His omission of NOTHING left undone. Out of all His works the message of the Churches of Christ has forever been fixed and determined, for our trip to His Presence is as fixed as the Stars in the Solar System He has made!!

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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