Can I Decide?

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There are some who think God will allow them to worship in a denominational church as long as they are telling those with whom they worship about the Lord. There are others who think they have to worship with a denomination to be loyal to their husband. There are still others who think they can worship in doctrinally weak congregations of the Churches of Christ (when they have a choice not to) so their children can find “friends” and children their own ages. There are still others who consider their decision to be the same as the Lord’s decisions thinking He could not possibly see it another way. And, finally there are others who get quite indignant when you approach them about spiritual questions they should have already made up their minds about thinking only on a physical level. Can I decide?
IF I can decide about matters like the above, why do I need the Lord? Have those who have lived a successful Christian life, before I was born, do as I do? The world has not had the likes of me, before. If I can determine what is right and wrong by what I feel or think, why do I need the written Word of God? I know you argue; “not all see it alike”, and in response I say; “true, but not all see it wrong, either!!” I realize there are some who think they get punished when the “think outside the box” and revel in their freedom to decide on their own, but if they are free to decide why can they not be free to obey?? The truth has no fear of inspection, thinking “outside the box” has to bring us back to the parameters of the box when the study begins, not after years of rebellious service in error. Why do I have to prove again what faithful and dedicated men have proven?
There are some who have a deep-seated animosity for the truth revealed by the Holy Spirit of God. They like Christ, they fear God the Father, and mistrust God the Holy Spirit. You might think that to be a serious charge, and it is, but it is one I am prepared to make in light of what I think I have observed in the lives of some of those who profess to “walk in the light”. They don’t care if you have a “thus saith the Lord”, all they care about is their own thoughts.!! They have been caught on “proving it by the Scriptures” before, you will not get them again by this method. Held against their will for a while having been stunned by proofs from the Bible, they have broken free from this yoke that had becomes too much to bear. Again, they mistrust the Holy Spirit of God and His product, the Holy Divine Scriptures. It cannot be true that God the Father will take a stand against what they feel!! Their “walk with God” was so wonderful before they were bound by this “proof-text” Christianity and NO ONE will ever take that away from them again; it doesn’t matter IF the Bible says it or not, they trust their own feelings, hunches, and spiritual enlightenment!! They never really believed this Holy Spirit proven religion anyway!! How dare anyone assert their salvation BEFORE they met the Church of Christ to be in vain!! God had walked and talked with them years before they found out about that “baptism saves” Christianity which was proved by the testimony of a Holy Spirit inspired penman!! The suppression they felt in their spirit, now finally gone, they can again be alive in their experiences of grace (whatever that is)!!
One might think this too serious a charge, but what else explains a full charge into the depths of Hell? What else explains their worshipping (their definition) God in a denominational setting where they can be a preacher of righteousness. What else allows them to attend with their wife instead of attending where their Lord is, without their wife?? Who else could make Adam eat the forbidden fruit, but themselves??

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