Is Christ, the Creator God? Part 2

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We read of the miracle of turning water into wine and of the custom of the Jews to purify their water pots for drinking and never tie the two together. Purifying was the work He came to do and marriage was the way He was to accomplish this work. No miracles had He yet worked and only a few believed on Him at this time. What was our Lord, by this miracle, trying to teach us!! We don’t see that the custom of the Jews for purifying was no longer to be practiced, and what the Jewish religion practiced as “purification” was to be changed to something “brand new” by Him who creates ALL THINGS!! When the old “heavens and earths” were shaken, the Jewish custom would be taken out of the way. This would occur when they were “nailed to the cross” Their Law had “reigned in heaven” by controlling the thoughts of man. Their Laws would fall before the Lord when He would “roar out of Zion, and utter His voice from Jerusalem.” Christ would spoil “principalities and powers” and come triumphantly from the grave, establishing forever the credibility of His claim as “King of Kings.” It would be after the “sun was turned into darkness and the moon into blood, and the stars had fallen.” These things happened at the cross. They, according to to Joel and Acts, were to precede the declaration of God, giving His invitation to all the world, and there were to be signs in heaven above and earth beneath. These came about, at the cross!! When this occurred, the scriptures tell us He would “shake the heavens and the earth.” A NEW covenant was coming from the throne of God, for He was to take away the first that He may establish, the second, had come!!
There may be some who get confused with using the term “falling” as a means of description. We talk about Iraq falling when Saddam Hussein was overthrown. Iraq did not literally “fall,” but the powers and the magistrates that governed her did lose their power to govern. Jerusalem “fell” for the last time, when Christ had put an end to her by His death at Calvary. There remains one more government that is to be shaken and taken out of the way, there. When this “shaking” occurred, time would cease, Revelation 10:6 Mutuality would vanish away; denominationalism, paganism, and Satanism would no more deceive, influence we who have been predetermined, the “saved,“ for which He came, would be bought by His blood!! The Creator God would then “make all things new.”
When this “shaking” took place, a NEW government with NEW powers and NEW borders would take the place of the old. The old Jewish theocracy would be ended and a new dispensation would be set up. In Revelation 6:12, we see people who were crying out for salvation unto God, salvation had come. We see them as they stood in the presence of the Lamb of God, for the Lamb is living among them; we see them as their robes are washed white in the blood of the Lamb, we see these people who should never hunger and thirst after righteousness, for now the “bread of life” had come from the Father. He came in glory, majesty, and power when on the 50th day after the Passover, He sent the Holy Spirit with the message of salvation by His apostles to all the world. Not until the 6th seal was opened did the blood of Christ become effective. The blood of the cross became effective and delivered the fatal blow to all kingdoms, dominions and powers on that day!! Let us be glad and rejoice that Christ shook the Old Law; that He had “power” to shake it, and could loose the seals upon the book and present to us a book of salvation dedicated by His own blood, declaring that we might also have our robes washed white in the blood of the Lamb, and dwell in His presence. For while He possesses “all power, in heaven and on earth, not WHEN He possesses this power, our Lord has brought an end to the covenant of the 6th seal. The 6th seal was a covenant. If you will re-read Haggai 2:5-6, you will read “According to the word that I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt, so My spirit remains among you.”
The first miracle is no accident. It points to ALL the teaching which shines so bright in the pages of inspiration. What a beginning!! Was His hour yet to come? How often have you read and not understood? In the analysis of this miracle, did Mary know about the work of her bi-natured Son? Had Mary information or insight ? Why was Jesus AND His disciples, there? Did she “jump the gun” or was she USED OF GOD? What did THIS “hour” represent? His time when men should believe (OBEY) Him? His work was to be accomplished His death, would remove man’s sin!!

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