Is Christ Divided? Why are there so many denominations? Part 12

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It got worse.  Joe Smith had another vision (by this time he was past getting those visions from Moroni) in which he declared Independence Missouri the “new Jerusalem” and commanded his people “if they had any faith” to gather in that place.  In 1838 just 8 years after the book of Mormon had gone to print, the “believers” began to congregate in Missouri around this town.  Their numbers outgrew the normal populace.  While hundreds of others were moving to that area, the town’s people began to get a little nervous with their presence and numbers.  Merchants began to refuse to sell and trade with them and those would have sold their farms under regular circumstances, refused to sell.  Joe Smith and Sydney Rigdon, who was yet another vision anointed Prophet, Seer, and Revelator by Joe, were not yet in the area.  (Smith and Rigdon were healing from being tarred and feathered in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area).

Sydney Rigdon was a late joiner to Mormonism.  (Sidney was the vice-presidential candidate and Joe Smith the Presidential candidate running for President of the United States!!)  He came from a background and discipline of the Baptist denomination who was “baptized into Mormonism” in around 1831.  Rigdon is accredited with writing most if not all of the writings as well as the authority behind the doctrines which taught crazy religious beliefs.  (Sydney was known to have mental problems which were reported by his immediate brothers and family).   He strongly disagreed with the “having all things in common” doctrine of Joe Smith.  Part of the “all things in common” was your wife, if you were a Mormon and if Joe wanted her!   (We don’t where or how Moroni got this “all things in common” doctrine.  Remember, Moroni was the last surviving Indian of the battle of extinction that told Joe where the plates and special glasses were and translated them to him, for a while)   No North American Indian nations ever practiced communal marriage that history records!!)   I hope you do not think I am making this stuff up; I am leaving out some of it that is even more ridiculous.

When Rigdon and Smith arrived in Missouri some of the Mormons had formed an army called the “Danites.”  This was a group that intended to hold their homes and properties which they had purchased which the locals were taking from the Mormons.  In 1838 there broke out what is called the “Missouri Mormon War.” (There was also an Illinois War with the Mormons).  The governor of Missouri failed to call out the militia and things got out of hand.  When the militia did arrive, the massacres and deaths had put fear in all that area.  The militia cornered the Mormons in a town called Far West.  Joe had arrived and tried to negotiate a peace.  His efforts failed.  The state of Missouri passed a law that all Mormons had to leave their state and the militia intended to enforce the law; so much for the “new Jerusalem”!!  They were allowed passage out of the state and established a town in Illinois called Nauvoo (Hebrew for “beautiful place.”).   In Nauvoo, Joe and Sydney’s association began to deteriorate quite rapidly.  Nauvoo had a different government because of the Missouri experience, Joe and the 12 apostles would be the city council, law, and judges.  After the expulsion of the Mormons from Missouri, the governor of Missouri that ordered the revulsion had an attempted assassination.  Of course it was a Mormon.  And of course, history reveals by the direction of Joe Smith!!  This is some religion, isn’t it??  Nauvoo was a malaria infested area along the Missouri River where Joe and the boys built another Temple, a semblance of it still stands, today expecting Christ to show up any day.

Joe did not get to spend much quality time in Nauvoo.  From Nauvoo Joe sent out missionaries to Europe, South America, and the world.  From a town of 5,000 in 1839 it grew to a town of 12,000 in 1845.  Joe and his brother Hyrum were arrested and sent to Carthage, Illinois.  On June 27, 1844, a mob rushed the jail where they were being held.  Joe preached that Christ was coming back in the 1840’s, just like the Millerites, 7th Day Adventists, etc., and Joe was building a “New Jerusalem”.  This country (the Nephites had held since the 6th century B.C.  The Nephites practiced Judaism and were (as the Mormons claim) the sons of Lehi whom God commanded to leave Jerusalem in the 6th century, 1 Kings.   American Indians came from Asia, not Jerusalem and never spoke Hebrew or Greek.  No one corroborates the book of Mormon but a misguided Mormon.  In no way are they Christians!!

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