Is Christ Divided? Why are there so many denominations? Part 15

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With the Council of Nicea and the power it held in the political world, the era of man-made religion began to sweep the known world.  Coming on and blindsiding the existing faithful body of Christ, they had our pulpits, people, and persuasion.  They could now go among us and not be a part of our plea and purpose of existence.  No longer did they want to crown Christ as King of Kings, they began the doctrines that would replace Him with their father, the Devil.  Isaiah 28:15

A great political struggle was fired by this new control with freedom to preach a different message.  It would take three centuries until this could be publicly announced to the world and another five centuries for a schism to occur which would propel their movement, yet make it stronger because it would now remove the one argument which had held it back since the crowning of Boniface III in 606 AD. .  The movement would become regional with the division of Catholicism in the 11th century when the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic movements divided.  Historically, this occurred when a classical “hit” was ordered by the Pope of Rome on the Patriarch of Constantinople.  Wanting to bring the entire Church of Christ into unity, politically-not religiously, when uncovered caused the great schism which even today has not been repaired.  Finally, headquartered in Russian under the strength of the Czar of Russia, the Greek Orthodox actually became the more Biblically accurate of the two.

The Holy Roman Empire came next.  It seems the dream and desire of all Papal aspirants is to “rule the world” both politically and religiously like their father, the Devil. John 8:44   Satan had offered our Lord this position while on the Earth.  We know this was one of his desires.   From the 5th century on, this brought into existence the great hoax which would require all rulers to be pedigreed by Rome.  When the Roman Empire was divided into the Eastern Roman and Western Roman Empire, the papacy gained strength.   No emperor in Europe would ever be allowed to rule without being crowned by the Pope of Rome.  Constantine, Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Hapsburgs, and the German houses would give credence to this false premise; thereby giving false power and dominion to the Pope.  During the “Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy” when the papacy was moved to France, the Holy Roman Empire was a successful reality.  The religious “War of the Roses” (when there were 2 Popes at one time, one in France and one in Rome), still its power increased.

It has always been a dream of Catholicism to re-invent the Judaic, earthly rule of religious leaders.  The reason for pre-millennialism with its earthly reign of Christ on the earth and all the “advent” churches of all stripes (which we have seen in all the denominational movements of the 17th and 18th centuries) the preaching of the literal reign of Christ on the earth is a central doctrine.  Men cannot give up on controlling the world even if they have to invent a false religious doctrine to so do.  They have never believed Christ who said: “My kingdom is not of this world, if it were, My servants would fight” and because of this, this sinful teaching is a part of every denomination that exist.

Since world dominion, not Heaven, is the goal of all denominationalism; Catholicism and its children (all the denominations that sprang from her) have been the leaders in satisfying the heathenistic doctrines of all its conquered peoples with their insistence on emotional, false spiritual, physical “feelings” and miracles.  Its latest disciple: the Pentecostal movements.   Roman Catholicism in Mexico is a far cry from Roman Catholicism in Europe.  Its religious holidays, superstitious beliefs, and glorified idolatries are defined by its location and peoples it has enslaved.  What began by bringing the separated priesthood of the Mosaical Covenant into Christianity (so-called), even down to the lackluster worship of its people (which has to be beefed up by emotional “witnessing,” special music, and holy days) where forgiveness of sin was forgivable by penance and not by the blood of Jesus Christ, comes at the cost of a turtle dove, lamb, or grain offering (the coin of the realm determined) offered through and only by the Roman Catholic priesthood that they re-introduced; Rome has written her rules in a catechism (their creed) that mirrors the Jewish monarchy of King David and Solomon as world conquerors, in the glory of its emperors, and wealth .  Yet, she is a religion where sin is forgiven by the coin of the realm as cold as the heart that gives that token only and not the heart of the worshipper!!

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