Is Christ Divided? Why are there so many denominations? Part 16

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The” Mass” is one of the most famous observances of Catholicism.  The word “mass” is Latin  for “missa” derived from the verb,” mittere” which means to send away, set free.  They think the “mass” originated in the first centuries, and became common in each church by the fourth century, according to Visible Church: page 87.  The underlying doctrine is false.  It advances the idea that in the partaking of the emblems of the Lord’s Supper the sin of the observer is forgiven.  This has NEVER been taught in the New Testament of Jesus Christ.    The meaning is a supposed observance of the unbloody sacrifice of the body and blood of Christ.  They teach the doctrine of transubstantiation-the physical substance of body and blood transferred to bread and liquor.  The amount of money charged by a priest and how often they can administer mass in one day is fixed by diocesan rule.  It is interesting that a church can charge its members a sin-price and limit how many of these services that church can perform in one day or week!!  Every mass the priest hits the liquor, he feels good after the 3rd or 4th mass!!

There are several kinds of mass.  The solemn mass where the deacons aids; the pontifical mass, where the bishop presides; the papal mass, by the pope himself; and the high mass, done by a priest; the low mass, aided by servants; the parochial mass, for parish church Sundays; the capitulars mass, which is high mass on Sundays in Catholic countries; the conventual mass, offered daily before the chapter of canons; the votive mass, at the choice of the celebrant; and finally, the requiem mass, this one done for the dead (he still has to pay!!).  There are 10 masses for various classes who have the “passes”!  The “pass” is whatever they charge.  Not ONE of these is found in God’s Word!!  They exist by a dictum of the hierarchy of Rome.  This is a money-making institution!!

The mass has grown over the centuries, growing until it became the mass of today: this is an admitted fact by all Catholic scholars.  Visible Church, page 92, concedes its gradual development.   Every utterance of Rome becomes a proof of its fallibility and of its human origin, yet they have the audacity to bind a man-made law on millions of men.  A “mass” must be held in a chapel, an altar must be present, the crucifix and candles must be lighted (without lighted candles Christ cannot be transubstantiated), nor can His flesh and blood be transferred to the bread and cup.  They specify “wheatened bread unleavened and fermented wine (the New Testament nowhere uses wine referencing the cup, it uses fruit of the vine), they allow several vessels and all of them look like they come from a 14th century pawn shop.

Sacraments are things which remit venial sin.  They excite good thoughts, increase devotion, and remit venial sin.  The most famous is the “sign of the cross.”  This sacrament gains 50 days-100 days of “indulgence” if holy water is used.  Pope Pius IX made this a grace which meant those who made this sign were delivered from the power of Satan.   “Indulgences” are paid for permission from the Pope to go on a sin spree by being pardoned in advance!!  How do you like that: sin in advance- forgiveness!!  The “cross” itself is supposed to remind us, they teach of the redemption of mankind.  They changed the observance to teach it forgives sin and the cross as the great reminder that our sins are forgiven-somebody forgot to consult the Holy Spirit.  He taught that the Lord’s Supper is the great “reminder.”  “As often as you eat of that bread and drink of that cup, you show forth (set forth the purpose) the Lord’s death till He comes again.” 1 Corinthians 11:26

The “crucifix” is a cross with an image of the body of Jesus, attached.  “Holy water” is water blessed by the priest to beg God’s blessing on those who use it.”  There are 4 kinds of holy water (water mixed with a little salt in it) and all are blessed on Saturday by a priest.  There are 5 uses of holy water (matrimony, extreme unction, anointing of the sick, services for the dead, and exorcisms).  You get 100 days for using holy water as an indulgence.  Imagine that, holy salt water, not the blood of Christ!!   The “Rosary” of Mary, the mother of the Lord in prayer, the prayer being made to her (begun in the 8th century after she was resurrected and sent to Heaven to make Jesus mind), counted on beads which are the transferred prayers of dead saints from ages past that get an instant replay button pushed which are credited to the modern day worshipper of the Pope.  You get 100 days for these, too! Wow, wow, wow!!


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