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The importance of being “born from the beginning,” is mentioned from Genesis to Revelation, and is the single most important concept to humanity since Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden. Since the “fall,” God has required that mankind return to Him from the sinful state of thought, speech, and action that is contrary to the perfection Adam possessed. When we respond to the Spirit of God, our hearts become opened to this law and obeying, we are transformed into the image of God by allowing His word to so control our way of thinking. What this means is, we allow each part of our lives to be sanctified and set apart to God who gave us His word so we could re- establish and maintain inanimate spiritual connection between Him and us, and to protect us from self-destruction. All of the forefathers of our faith experienced this relationships with God through His Word, which means they were “born from the as was Adam from the beginning.” We went from living according to the desires and appetites of the natural man to living in the spiritual, a condition that existed before man sinned!

No one is exempt from the need of being spiritually born anew. The spirit of God prompts each one to return to a life that is pleasing to God, that which cannot occur without sinlessness.  Many souls are driven by idealism, justice, responding to the needs of others, or just plain survival when they realize that they themselves have been their own worst enemy. There is no new sin under the sun; just volunteers for many variations of the same old stuff. Thankfully, God is no respecter of persons. While others mfay be impressed at the level of deceit and destruction to which they have fallen, God has not.  Once sin has entered, it must be “washed away” to be spiritually “born anew.” God knows the needs of His people much more than we can understand. So, God has provided consciousness about the importance of justice, peace and mercy, and we simply respond in agreement by turning to Him in repentance that opens the door to entrance into His kingdom, as we are baptized into Christ.

Man is not capable of creating justice and peace; if we had been we would’ve already done so. While most people want to see a better world, it is impossible for man on his own to change his sinful disposition. Mankind has corrupted himself and the earth to such extreme measures that vein souls are now suggesting that we finance another “tower of Babel” and go to live on other habitable planets. The latest scam is to allow higher intelligence to reign over the inhabitants on earth, to enslave mankind in the following a one world government that has no regard for God or God’s way.

Uncomfortably (for most), the only way to be “born from the beginning” is to obey God’s commands. There is no universal formula given by man to man that will allow a return to sinless-ness, only God’s law allows that. It is also very helpful to be in fellowship with those who are spiritually “born again.” Of course, we have been spiritually born again, are born “into Christ” and have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, no other way will satisfy. The strings that attach love and peace, demand I follow God’s plan with all allegiance, financial support, and continued fellowship with those of us who were “in Christ” before us, as we become like Christ. The only way that this is done is by repentance and baptism for the remission of sins which gains for us the gift of the Holy Spirit, eventual peace with God!

It was Christ who said: “unless you repent and become like children, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:4  He of course was not referring to the capacity of children to believe, trust and have faith without doubting, but to take His word without argumentation, about learning to walk in Christ. What He taught us we need to know, which is why the word of God is so vitally important. When a person is truly “born again” they are entered into the church of Christ and can  easily be distinguished from the rest of the religions of mankind. Today, there is still the drawing of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those who have made themselves followers of the pattern of what they read in His word. The only way to peace is to surrender to Him, on His terms, not ours!

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