Christianity: The Anointed Ones | Part 6

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The called that enter the stadium are many, while the chosen who are approved are few; and “many”, says Jesus, ‘shall seek to enter into the eternal city, and shall not be able.’  “Let us labor therefore, to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief!”

When anointed with the Holy Spirit, the work of sanctification begins. It is unquestionably a progressive work. When Jesus created the heavens and earth on the first day of creation, it was the Holy Spirit whose job it was to take that which was created and make it a useful habitation for mankind. As impossible as it was to live on this planet until His work was begun, so impossible shall it be for us to live in peace in the after-life with our Lord, if we do not allow Him full reign in changing our hearts!!  Having been made over a new creature in Christ, the job assigned the Holy Spirit by Deity, in the Councils of eternity, was to make you and I habitable for an eternity with God! To sanctify is to set apart; this may be done in a moment, and so far as stating to be done, actuality continues over many years of diligent labor on our part!! It is as instantaneous as baptism, but there is the formation of a holy character to be developed, so we can live in a holy state. The formation of such a character is the work of means, and the Holy Spirit is that means!! “Holy Father”, said Jesus, “sanctify them (My disciples (who are present and they to come), by the truth, Thy word is truth.” Paul writes to the Thessalonican assembly, “and the very God of peace sanctify you, completely.”

Christians are to be different.   We are not to live like, talk like, and be like all men!!  Sanctification, “without which no man shall see the Lord” is the duty assigned our heavenly guest that we might become what we are called, “Christians”.  To “perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord,” requires aid!! The Spirit of God, under the administration of Christ, is the director of all holiness in us. He is called the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of holiness. While the phrase Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is used many times in Christian scriptures, this description of the third member of Deity, is found only three times in all the Jewish writings. The Holy Spirit is, then, the author of all of our holiness; and in the struggle after victory over sin and temptation, He “helps our infirmities, and comforts us by seasonably bringing to our remembrance the promises of Christ, and strengthens us with all might, in the new or inner man.” And so God works in us “to will and to do of His own benevolence, while we’re working on our own salvation with fear and trembling.” Christians are unequivocably temples of the Holy Spirit; and we’re quickened, animated, and encouraged as we are being sanctified by the power and influence that He has over us, by His changing us through the truth.  If we don’t see a change, we are not “being led by the Spirit”!!

We literally ask for the Spirit of God, as we live according to His commands to do in us what we cannot do, to fill us with more information and drive to become what perfection demands. As He took over and made the earth habitable, He takes over and corrects, directs, and instills in us a love that will make us demand of ourselves obey His law. Without this gift, no one could be saved or ultimately triumph over our avowed enemy, Satan. We who know little of his kind of deceitfulness, and he whom we wrestle against (as he combines the allied forces of the world to bring us back into damnation) tries to take us back to damnaton, shows how much we must have an Aid that will allow constantly remind us we must “be like Christ”!! We are we are going somewhere, we are on a journey!!

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