Christianity: The Anointed Ones

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We have never really understood what God has blessed us with, when He gave to us His Holy Spirit. True Christians are the anointed ones, their name intimates as much. We are anointed with the message of the plan of God, with gifts and spiritual endowments; that has been given as a blessing from our benefactor. We are anointed. We have a similitude of offices that are subordinate only to the Lord, without question, and are His subordinate prophets, priests, and Kings, under God. The Holy Spirit is compared to oil, as well as to fire and water; and the communication of His message gives us this anointing. The word itself, is defined as anything smeared on, unguent, ointment, usually prepared by the Hebrews from oil and aromatic herbs. Anointing was the inaugural ceremony for priests.
Our rank and standing under the reign of the Prince of Peace has never been surpassed, has never been equaled-by any portion of the human race. We have the visions and revelations of God-His being in perfection-developments of His wisdom and knowledge, of the initial council of His grace, and the purposes of His love; which give us an intellectual and moral superiority above all our predecessors in the patriarchal and Jewish ages of the world. Secrets of God, which were hid from ages and generations, have been revealed to us by the apostles by the great Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus. What Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses, David, Isaiah, Daniel, and all the prophets, down to John the Harbinger, rejoiced to anticipate, we have. The intellectual pleasures of the Highest are guaranteed us. We transcend the attainments of the ancient people of God, and beyond that, will be exalted to heaven, and may enjoy the days of heaven upon earth as long as are faithful in the Church of Christ. We have a book which contains not only the charter of our privileges, but explains a thousand mysteries. We have interpretations of God’s past providences in the affairs of individuals, families, and nations, as opened to us, thousands, for rational and sentimental enjoyment, from incidences and things which puzzled the perplexed the most intelligent and highly favored of past ages. Mountains are, indeed, leveled; valleys are exalted; rough places are made plain, and crooked ways straight to our comprehension and, from these, we are able to form more just conceptions of the present, and more lofty anticipations of the future, then fell to the lot of the most highly – favored subjects of the preceding dispensations. And, indeed, so inexhaustible are the deep and rich minds of knowledge and understanding of the Christian revelations, that the most comprehensive mind in the kingdom of heaven might labor in them until we reach the age of the Methuselah, constantly enriching ourselves with all knowledge and spiritual understanding, and yet leave at last vast regions and tracks of thought wholly unexplored. We, my friend as members of the Church of Christ have the gift of the Holy Spirit. This decided superiority over the most gifted Saints of former ages we unquestionably enjoy. Among all the living excellencies with which they were acquainted, they wanted a freedom from sin, we have been given. As His Bride, we have the virtues and excellencies an Abraham, a Joseph, a David, could never achieve, for they always had blemishes in their moral character that remained as a part of their legacy. They failed before their contemporaries, All the excellencies that can adorn the human nature. AND we have Jesus, “the image of the invisible God,” “the effulgence of His glory,” and “an exact representation of His characters; but as a man, “holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sin, exhibiting in the fullest perfection every excellence. And beyond this great favor, we have received, after our first resurrection, the anointing of the Holy Spirit: when we became PRIEST OF GOD. Galatians 4:6

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