Error of Jehovah’s Witnesses (a.k.a. The Russellites) Part 17

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Jesus IS the Son of God!! It is evident that the scriptures refer to Christ as the Son. He is that, in a very unique sense. The Russellites claim Jesus is the Son of God by creation by God before the world existed. They then will tell you that Jesus again was the Son of God by human birth, of Mary. They have one more to add to this, they claim Christ the Son by a spiritual resurrection (not physical).
It is true that some truth is always in a lie. That Jesus BECAME what He was not before creation is a fact. He and the Father had a covenant mentioned several times in Holy Writ about a role He was to play in the redemption of mankind. Christ was happy to lay down His life to fulfill this role for it showed His love, respect, and agreement with the Will of the Father. It is like a man and woman getting married. Before the ceremony love has its bliss, both are equal in their positions of importance doing as they individually desire. When married, the change takes place. For women who do not understand nor desire a home, the complication of becoming subservient to their husband brings a lot of unhappy nights (and maybe a cessation of the union). Somebody has to be head; God tells us it is to be the man. You have heard the expression; “it’s lonely at the top”; man did not asked to take the lead role, God demanded it. The pressure and courage to lead the home cannot allow the stronger personality of the female to destroy their home because it is easier to surrender than stand, God has not so planned it this way and God knows best!! A man may say; “my wife will not allow me to be head”. At this crossroad the man has to determine just WHO will be his God!! Christ had no such problem with the Will of God the Father!! He became subservient to everything His role demanded. Yes, He was just as much God as the Father and the Spirit, that was never questioned, but He had a part to play in the redemption of mankind that no other member of the Godhead would play and with great joy He fulfilled that role. Christ is the ONLY God who condescended to deal with, live among, and tolerate sinners. God, the Father will not, Habakkuk 1:13. God the Spirit will only deal with man AFTER he or she has been bought by the blood of Christ. Acts 2:38, 5:32, Galatians 4:6. Christ became a “bridge-builder” to close the chasm between man and God, 2 Corinthians 5:18-19, that was and is His job. Yes, He did become something different, before His agreement, covenant with the Father, He was answerable to nothing or no one!! John 1:1
The term “Son of” was used by the eastern peoples to primarily denote sameness. The term “father” also denoted sameness. Many references can support this statement—Genesis 4:20, 21, 17:4, Mark 3:17, Luke 10:6, John 17:12, Acts 4:36, are just a few. When Jesus called God, Father, the Jews took up stones to kill Him. John 10:30-36. Matthew 27:54 tells us the centurion said; “truly, this was the Son of God”. Luke records it; “certainly, this was a righteous Man.” Luke 23:47 Isaiah 9:6, “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”
The term “Son of God” could also be used as a title-showing equality! When the Title Messiah was used referring to Christ, it was a title, not a name. Matthew 16:16, 26:63, Mark 14:61, Luke 22:67-70, John 1:49, 11:27 THIS ROLE HAD A BEGINNING!! In the Old Testament we find plurality of persons in one God, and different functions of the three, but NOT SUBJECTION!! Subjection begins with the coming of Jesus of Nazareth, and God’s plan of redemption!!

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