Error of Jehovah’s Witnesses (a.k.a. The Russellites) Part 23

This entry is part 23 of 34 in the series Error of Jehovah’s Witnesses (a.k.a. The Russellites)

My brother, Sherrill, once asked me why I taught Christ was equal to the Father. Of all the questions the Russellites have provoked, this seems to be the one they have made in-roads with causing some to doubt the position of Jesus Christ. Let me state again what the scriptures teach about the Godhead: first, there are three that possess the nature called God. God is a nature, God is NOT the name of some individual. God means “I who alone create”, and if that has not been proven nothing else has!! Neither man, animals, nor anything from the solar systems has EVER created anything, that job has been reserved to They who have that power!! When God, all three, decided to create there was a reason, They were not just bored!! Before creation there was an agreement, pact, covenant amongst Themselves They called it “the mystery”. This was also called the “scheme of redemption”, the “plan from the foundations of the world”, the “Fathers will”, foreordination, and predestination. God made man and had a plan for those who loved Them, it was called Eternal Life, but before it would be awarded, it had to be deserved. The greatest “dressing place”, the place where man would be tried and tested, was then by Them created, the one in the Godhead we now know as the Son was the agent of that creation! So great was this plan that all three of the beings with the nature called God participated in this venture. The originator of the “plan” was the God most often, but not distinctively, called the Ancient of Days, the Father, or Jehovah. God, the Ancient of Days made a covenant with God the Word (for so His name is known to be) TO DIE FOR MANKIND SO MANKIND COULD KNOW HOW MUCH GOD SO LOVED THEIR CREATION. It was God, the Son who chosen as the AGENT OF THE GODHEAD to die!! God the Spirit (later called Holy Spirit) would be the AGENT of communication and defense to mankind proving God’s love in writing in a book called THE BIBLE whereby He would literally tell those who wrote this masterpiece exactly what words to write by a process called ‘inspiration’!! All three bore the name Jehovah for with the power of Their nature They were the only beings who could create something out of nothing!! Herein lays the answer to the question with which we began, Who is the greatest in or among those who bear the name of God?
One cannot tell the position of an individual by the job, function, or role they are playing in life. The mother is known to be greater than the infant she gave birth but it is she who devotedly serves their every fancy!! She cooks, washes their clothes, fixes their cuts and hurts, and if she is a Godly mother, she prays far more for them than herself!! Do I need to give more examples or is this argument not won?? She is participating in a role-playing function that has but one end: to raise the children God has blessed her with to be with her in eternity, and she will do anything that is right that will created, sustain, and bring about this conclusion. It is not that Jesus was not equal to God, the Father while here on Earth, He was under COVENANT, THE WILL, OR THE PLAN created by the Father to save “all who would obey His (God the Father’s) Will”!! So, when asked if He was as great as the Father, Jesus would retort, “the Father is greater that I”. In all cases the lesser serves the greater that need!!
In spite of all the mangling of Scripture the Russellites and their lying Watch Tower Tract and Bible Society can do they cannot undo the plain teaching of Holy Writ: JESUS IS GOD!! All we have written about over the past 22 weeks has proved this from Holy Writ and we declare the argument WON!! Jesus is not now subject to the Father. Jesus has been given all authority and dominion, Matthew 28:18. One day it will not be so!!

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