Error of Jehovah’s Witnesses (a.k.a. The Russellites) Part 28

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The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society has as one of the cardinal doctrines in its platform a teaching completely alien to historic and Biblical Christianity, the teaching that Jesus Christ was raised from the grave a “spirit being”, only.
In the words that no once could possible misinterpret the Watch Tower boys deny the physical resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, stating that “the King, Christ Jesus was put to death in the flesh and was resurrected in an invisible spirit creature.” Let God Be True, edit date 1946, p. 122 Following up this clear-cut statement on page 272 of the same edition the Watch Tower stated, “This first-born one from the dead was not raised out of the grave a human creature, but he was raised a spirit.”
We have already discussed some verses in the preamble to the New Testament that show how ridiculous this false doctrine is, but for the searching souls who think we need to give them tolerance, we will discuss more verses. In the 24th chapter of Luke’s gospel, beginning at ver4se 13 and going through 49, the risen Christ is represented as appearing to two of His disciples traveling on the road to Emmaus. Verse 16 clearly states “that their eyes were holden (Greek-“held from recognizing Him”) that they should not know Him.” This is a clear indication indeed that although it was the risen Lord Jesus Christ, nevertheless by an act of His will He veiled their eyes so that they could not recognize Him!! It was possible for Him to speak with His disciples, and at the same time for them to be totally ignorant of His true identity. As the chapter continues Christ reveals Himself through the conversation which He has taken charge of which leads to its supernatural conclusion In verse 31 the full radiance of His resurrection glory shines through to them as He blessed the bread (which, by the way Spirits do not eat), “And their eyes were opened and they knew Him; and He vanished out of their sight.” Then and only then did they come to the full realization that the “man who had walked with them” was indeed the risen Lord of Glory. “And they arose up the same hour, and returned to Jerusalem, and found the eleven gathered together, and them that were with them, Saying, “the Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared to Simon. “ And they told what things were done in the way, and how He was known of them in breaking of bread.” Verse 33-35 “And as they spoke, Jesus Himself stood in the midst of them, and said unto them, ‘Peace be unto you”.
What the disciples thought an apparition or a spirit suddenly dispels all their doubts as to His true nature and identity, for our risen Lord said, “Why are you troubled? And why do thought arise in your hearts? Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself: handle Me, and see; for a spirit has not flesh and bones, as you se Me have.” No honest person needs any more proof than what is already given, but the Lord went a little further!! “He showed them His hands and feet”. This is hardly the behavior one would expect from the “spirit creature” of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. This Being, by His very presence and Nature destroyed the entire Russellite teaching of a spirit resurrection and established beyond question the fact that the Christ came forth from the borrowed tomb in an physical form. Next, we have His interview with the brother that was too busy to attend supper that evening!! (This brother is like some today, they only have to come to ONE service!!) Thomas doubted the literal, bodily resurrection of our Lord. In fact, he ran his mouth to the other disciples when he came to the next Sunday evening service. “Except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will NOT believe.” John 20:25

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