Error of Jehovah’s Witnesses (a.k.a. The Russellites) Part 31

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It is a sad turn of events when a father or mother will abandon his or her child to possible death simply because the Watchtower of Jehovah’s Witnesses says it is Jehovah’s Law to refuse a blood transfusion!! Again, I repeat when one gives a transfusion, it is not a sacrifice of life nor is it the eating of forbidden blood; it is the transference of life! Anyone who has seen a loved one dying for lack of blood and has witnessed the disintegration of human life can appreciate the great good blood transfusions has had in medical history. Like All DENOMINATIONAL TEACHINGS, the proof that the Russellites made up this bogus doctrine is seen in the fact that before Nathan Homer Knorr announced his claim to fame by coming up with this new doctrine, Charles Taze nor Judge Rutherford ever heard of such a position!! Ever new leader has to BEST the last I guess. Pre-meditated murder comes in many forms, whether contrived within the mind of the murderer or taught, the results are the same; the innocent pay the price. I knew a Russellite whose wife gave in to love and when her husband had a massive heart attack agreed, while he was unconscious, to allow a transfusion that save his life. His payment for her love was to be kicked out of the Kingdom Hall he was a member for 10 years. In a medical report from WW 11, a Navy captain wrote: “6,000 pints of plasma went ashore with the Marines; 4,000 came back in the veins of wounded Marines..” The Bible never speaks against transfusion in any form, it would be irrational to even think it would; no one of the first century could or would ever have heard of such a thing!! They would have had no medical ability to accomplish such a feat!! It requires a science of blood types unknown and un-available to doctors of that time!!! Many women died in childbirth before transfusions became available hemorrhaging to death!! The gifts of blood permit operations today that would be totally impossible without such a surgical aid. The benefits of blood donation drives have been responsible for 1000’s of save lives from auto accidents, train wrecks, airplane crashes, and all types’ emergencies!! It is not the same as the transference of organs, limbs, of parts of the body from one to another, blood is a replenishing ability of the human body which, when given, NEVER causes the person who gave to be without for a long period of time.
In 1970 when a 5 year old boy with a serious congenital heart defect was brought to Massachusetts General Hospital, his Russellite parents would not allow transfusion. The doctors knew that the exhausted and short breathed baby would die, and chances that he would survive to adulthood were slim. The doctors came up with a solution, though. The drew 2 and ½ pints from the child into tree plastic bags that would remain connected to a blood vessel in the boy’s left arm. The blood technically NEVER left the boy’s body and could not be considered transfusion. To replace the blood during surgery, doctors administered 6 pints of a mild salt solution called Ringer’s lactate. When the surgeons had repaired the child’s heart, the blood in the plastic bags flowed back into the boy’s body; the lactate solution was excreted, normally. This new technique, using the patient’s blood, now is used and reduces the risk of hepatitis. It has been estimated that untold numbers of deaths that occur every year have been prevented. Some think this means Russellite doctrine has been justified!! No, no not at all; show me any thing in the plan of God that can be gotten around!! Can a person be sprinkled and not immersed? Never!!
Russellites refuse to salute the American flag, claiming it to be idolatry. They refuse to enter the military of any government claiming they are neutrals in earthly battles.

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