Error of Jehovah’s Witnesses (a.k.a. The Russellites) Part 32

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The Church of Christ is not an impetus. By definition an impetus is an infectious weakening disease. This type disease works from the inside weakening the body so it cannot function. If we refused the military service demanded of our country, we would be a weakening agent from the inside. The Jehovah’s Witnesses demand that all their people stay away from the Armed Forces as they are “ambassadors of God’s kingdom…and, as such they are neutrals in earthly battles”. They also claim exemption from military service because they are ministers. They claim that joining the military effort of a country in which Witnesses live would result in the Witnesses “being guilty of desertion and suffering the punishment meted out by Almighty God”.
We are engaged today with a very clever enemy. They are a “different spirit” and masquerade to the world their “god of this world” as the answer to the spiritual and temporal problems of mankind. It is against this “spirit of confusion” Paul warned us about and which we are to strive to destroy. We are not “playing around” with the denominational world; we are out to destroy them!! The sad thing about the latest denominational cults is that they deny the doctrines of the Gospel: the trinity, the deity of Christ, the vicarious atonement, and the physical resurrection, by either changing the terminology to suit their own means, or by denying outright these great cardinal truths. Until the Church realizes the damnable doctrines of the Witnesses and Adventists teaching its own how to understand, defend, and defeat these lies; we will be left with a defenseless wooden ship in battle with a modern destroyer!! We have been commanded to ‘arm ourselves with the sword of the Spirit, putting on the whole armour of God, that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”
You, I hope, will never attend a Russellite Kingdom Hall, but if you do, you will never see an offering plate passed!! They have what is called an “offering box” but there no envelopes. Newcomers at the Hall are struck with this difference between the way they run their churches and the money-hungering of other denominationalism. They like to quote some they have converted saying “in my church I felt like a dollar sign..”. What they do not tell you is the monies they rake in pushing their junk literature from door to door at no expense to themselves. Their people work FREE pushing that junk and are “kicked out of the Hall” if they do not make so many specified calls a week!! In the publishing plant in Brooklyn, their people work for $14 dollars a month salary. This means their overhead is nothing!! They will tell you “the Lord takes care of His own”, and send out their millions of books for the world to pay them a profit to buy. Sounds to me like the world is paying the bill for “the Lord to take care of His own!! Imagine, if you have over 1 MILLION volunteers devoting over 275 MILLION hours in one year without pay to sell a publication of yours printed by slave labor, the offering plate would be become a joke to what you were raking in!! Ford Motor does not have offering plates at their car stores, either!! We all could drive a new car if SOMEBODY ELSE WOULD PAY FOR IT!!
You will never see an elaborate Kingdom Hall. Their policy is not to waste money on grandiose buildings. Most Halls have a membership of fewer than 200. When they get over this number, another Kingdom Hall is built in a bordering community. Their “presiding ministers” are there to make sure their membership fulfills its “quota system” on door to door peddling as their “fulfillment of dedication”!! If they don’t fulfill their goals, they are kicked out of the Hall!!

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Joe David Wilson

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