Error of Jehovah’s Witnesses (a.k.a. The Russellites) Part 5

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Joseph Franklin Rutherford took over the organization after the death of Charles Taze Russell in 1916. With marvelous acumen, an insatiable drive for accomplishment, and tremendous vitality Judge Rutherford took the fledgling Bible Study groups of Russell and turned them into a multi-million dollar cult of zealous people who spend most the their time negating the doctrine of Christ openly attacking the sacred truths of Christ Covenant. Their reckless abandonment of truth makes their books sell very well. It is truthful to state that the Witnesses “abhor” or hate their fellow men whose cause they have in a sense served by test cases on civil liberties for they have worn out the courts contesting every restriction placed on them.
From it’s beginning, the Watch Tower has never ceased to pour from its presses direct attacks upon every type religious group, both Protestant and Catholic. The October 1, 1952 issue of the Watch Tower, pages 596 to 604 counsels the Witnesses to display “pure” hatred for the enemies of the Theocracy. This means every religious group. Before the Judge passed on the baton he purchased an estate for Abraham, Isaac, David, and the boys to live in when they came back to the earth to commence the millennial reign!!. This manse, called Beth Sharim, was located outside of San Diego, California. It was a lavish palace The Judge joined Russell January 8, 1942 in Hell and has not since been heard from. The surprise to all of this is the Judge did not expect Hell to be but a few minutes and so far, for him, it has lasted some 70 years or better!!
The next “leader” of the “little flock, faithful and true” was a man whose name was Nathan Knorr. Knorr seems to have sophisticated the Russellites and honed their edge leaving them with a lot of memory work to tell of the Watch Tower. (They have memorized messages when visiting your front doors. He has added a bit of psychological “voodoo” to their damnable lies in that they expect and welcome rebuff and rejection when they are turned a way having been taught it is proof from God they are doing His will. This allows them to take much more criticism than ever before thinking they have “suffered for the name of the Lord”!! Oh yes, they also have to turn in their “time-slip” listing the number of “calls” they make. If they do not make their quota, they are ex-communicated from the congregation.
The history of the Jehovah’s Witnesses- tracing their theological ancestry from the days of Arius of Alexandria through Nathan H. Knorr, reveals a checkered eclectic pattern of theological perversion, amply seasoned with sincerity and delivered to an innocent public by a zealous group of badly misled persons. These people have been “controlled” beyond reason by the Watch Tower into a “zombie-like” state, and they proffer Russellite mythology to a lost world that in reality needs the Gospel of Christ, not Russellism in any form!!
One of the best at their gift, the “Society” possesses a remarkable gift of changing the appearance of coming from the teachings of Charles Taze Russell. This chameleon-like strategy makes it not embarrassing for them when people know the history of Russell. In the early days before Pastor Rutherford named Charles Taze’s bastard religion they called themselves “Bible Students”. When the group grew so fast Russell found it necessary to incorporate under an official name. This Russell did, in 1879, when he founded “Zion’s Watch Tower Magazine”, today known as “The Watch Tower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom” This was later changed to “the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society”. He moved them to New York and organized the “International Bible Students”.


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