Error of Denominations Part 5

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Since miracles no longer prove the Word of God (see Hebrews 2:1-4, Mark 16:17-20, 2 Corinthians 12:12, 1 Corinthians 13:8-13), WHY DO WE NEED THEM?? If the Word of God has COMPLETELY been given, perfectly, without any need for alteration or revision, Jude vs 3, John 16:13-15, 2 John 8-10; WHY DO WE NEED MIRACLES when, again, all miracles EVER did was prove what the messenger said was true to the plan of God?? Answer: the honest seeker of truth would never seek a miraculous proof when God has provided something far better, His Inspired Word!!
On the same vein, why would anyone, today, want to claim to be a Jew for religious purposes?? What was the original purpose of the Jew? Where and for what reason did he come into existence? Who was the actual FIRST Jew? Who was the actual LAST Jew? Did not the reason for their existence END when the ONE for whom they existed came into the Earth? IF, IF they continue to exist, would it not prove the One for whom they came into existence HAS NOT COME?? Another way of asking this last question is, do you believe Jesus Christ to be the only begotten Son of God? IF YOU DO you are calling God a liar when you claim to believe the Jew is still God’s chosen people!!
When God created man and man sinned, God determined to intervene in man’s affairs to do for man what man could not do for himself, save himself from his own disobedience. God had a plan from the beginning to show His love for His creation, it was not a surprise to Him when man sinned. Gen 3:15 No sacrifice would ever appease God that could be offered by man, so God had to offer one of His own!! After the flood, man again went back to his profligate life of sin. This time, there were NO PREACHERS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS as before. Jude vs 14-16 There was a man of the seed of Seth named Abram who lived in the Ur of the Chaldees (modern Syria). This man was the son of an idol-worshipper who was married to his brother’s daughter. He was not like those with whom he lived, like Noah, Abram found grace. As Noah built an ark “for the saving of his house”, Abram left his homeland to wonder as a vagabond to “bring his ‘seed’ into existence. There would be a difference with Abram’s seed, He would be the salvation, the sacrifice, the “offering of the Lord” that God could and would accept for the sins of mankind: as Noah left his world to save mankind so Abram left his homeland, world. Should we expect it to be any different, now?? How can we expect to remain in the same old habits, with the same associates, going to the same places, stay in the same man-made denomination and SAVE OUR SOULS?? Not knowing where he went was typical of those who had faith in God Time had come to begin the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. You have to get out of this world and get the world out of you, you have to declare yourself a vagabond and become an owner of only ONE dream, hope, to be used of God!! Abram left home so Christ could come into this world and take us home!!
The story of Abram’s call, his sojourns, his marriages and children, his wives, his offering of his only begotten son: all these most people know. WHAT THEY DO NOT SEEM TO KNOW IS WHY. BY THE WAY, Abram was not, let me repeat myself, WAS NOT, the father of the Islamic Arabic Muslim people!!! Ishmael was no more the father of the Arabic nation than Abram was the father of Adam!! In every sense Abram was in the same blood line as the modern Arab and HE was ‘E PLURIBUS UNIM’ (one among many)!! Abraham’s dream: he was ‘looking for a country’, that describes, tells the why of EVERYTHING he did!! He had ONE dream!

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