Error of Denominations Part 9

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Of all the peoples on this planet, the Jew has had more publicity than any other people, at least in my generation. We have a constant barrage of advertising, by way of the news media, of the heinous, and it was heinous, crime committed against the Jewish people by the Nazis in World War II. They don’t seem to want to let it die, EVER!! One would think that the Jew is/was the only ethnic group of their kind to have EVER suffered. When one considers that Hollywood and the News Moguls are all Jewish or are owned by them, you then can understand why so much is said about them, they intend to keep before the world a conscience of their plight!!
It maters not to them or their friends that NO ONE can trace their lineage further back than the 9th century and that those 900 years would stop anyone from ever giving serious thought about their ancestry. It matters not that God Almighty declared their demise and cessation as a penalty. It matters not that God demanded that NO ONE pray for their restoration (see Jeremiah 11:11-15). It matters not that the reason EVER for their existence was to bring Christ into the world via a pure blood line and that since Christ has come their reason for existence is over. It matters not that God NEVER intended for the Jew to be a permanent arrangement always planning to bring the Church of Christ into existence “from the foundations of the world”. It matters not that the “seed” of Abraham was NEVER through Isaac but through Christ. More and more can be said, but IT MATTERS NOT to those who INTEND for the Jew to still remain God’s Chosen Race for they have to hold the Jew as hostage UNTIL CHRIST COMES BACK TO REIGN 1,000 YEARS IN JERUSALEM, they claim!! You see, they have to have the Jew so they can have their 1,000year honeymoon in Jerusalem!! One lie necessitates the other!!, and all this feeds right into the hands of those who stay on the center stage of the world’s affairs holding in advantage their position as the “poor mistreated Jew”!! I don’t dislike the people who claim to be Jewish, I only would like for them to shut up so I can forget about it!! To add company to their misery, they have been given their land, they say homeland, God gave them that, they lost it have you not heard of the Babylonian captivity? He returned it; they lost it again, read of Alexander the Great. He gave it back to them again, and the final time they lost it for good, that brings us up to the days of Rome. Since Rome, they had no place to call home until Einstein traded the mastery of the Atomic Bomb with the United States Government for the land in the Palestinian homeland!! God IS NOT an Indian Giver, He gave their land to them over and over until the time of their cessation came about!! All the blackmail the pre-millenialist, Hollywood, and the News Giants can muster CANNOT make God change His plan and retreat!! Remember: I CHANGE NOT!!
When God put the Jewish people in His care they were never to have it so good again. When God provides for a people, no one can harm them without His intervention. Who can withstand the power of God? Why would anyone ever consider the Jew in peril IF God was still their benefactor? By the fact the Lord is the “shield and buckler” of all those who “call on His name”, what is being said IF the God of Heaven is still providing for this race of people?? Does this not jeopardize our hope of a home in Heaven? Is it not the same Lord who is promising?? If He can not protect and provide for the Jew who lives here, how can we have any confidence in Him for an eternal rest?? The Jew rejected Christ as King before He came in the flesh (see 1 Samuel 8:7), when He came in the flesh (see John 1:12), and would not change when He comes again!!

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