Genesis Part 4

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Now that we are convinced that sin in the Garden of Eden, the shores of Elysia, was not a surprise to God, we can continue looking at the first chapters of Genesis to see what else is taught us in pattern, type, or prophecy that we may have before overlooked.
Adam and Eve were at home in Garden, or were they? If at home, they were comfortable beyond realization. If not at home, they would always be looking for something to change and not know what that change could be. It is not conjecture that we look at their stay in Eden and know they were familiar with the idea of dieing. The response of Satan to Eve indicates this sufficiently; “Dieing, you are dieing already”. (literal Hebrew) Genesis 3:4 From the moment of miraculous creation, asah, of Adam and Eve, the part of man which was flesh began to die and so it is today. In nature we are shown this picture. The worm which is later the beautiful butterfly is a prime example. The worm is the first house, the cocoon, the second house, and finally the last house is that glorious house with all its beauty and majesty, the butterfly. As the Creator, God has shown His pattern is followed throughout nature, and now we can see it in man. This is a process called transmutation.
The present house in which we reside covers our soul/spirit from Christ. The physical body is of the earth, earthy, it is called the first Adam. 1 Corinthians 15:47 The soul (which is eternal) is the spiritual house given from Heaven (Christ). The spirit would never be uncovered for it is life, both soul and spirit are eternal. [The soul and spirit of man is much like the nerve and its covering. The nerve itself cannot be uncovered and become exposed, pinched, or killed the pain would be unbearable or not felt as though it is dead] Isn’t it interesting the soul, spirit, and body did not evolve!! Nerve endings did not begin to be some one billion years after man climbed out of the slimy ooze, and no other being has ever evolved beyond what Adam and Eve were in full possession of? Finally, at the Second Coming of our Lord, those of us who have obeyed His word and received the Holy Spirit of promise as the down-payment on our bodies (which holds the body claimed by Christ because the Spirit dwelt in it), we will receive our eternal bodies which are permanent shelters in which our soul and spirit will reside. 2 Corinthians 5:1-4, Ephesians 1:14, Romans 8:11 The rest of mankind will be raised without a body to be naked for all eternity!!
In their condition of dieing, God had fellowship with them for in them no sin was existent. Adam and Eve were innocent as children before accountability. Led by instinct and living by instinct, not thought or desire, man was as true to God’s intent as could be EXCEPT man was not complete; as with animals instinct allows no choice, man had been given that ability! Many have deeply longed for the days of innocence to return when we were happy and carefree, with a child like mind and cares, with parents who lovingly cared for our every want, and with brothers and sisters we loved so well. Could this be a taste of Heaven before we go back home? Could this be that insatiable desire that beckons on? I don’t know, but the weakness Satan found in Adam and Eve, this appeal to our vanity and pride claims all of us, AND WE DIE (SIN).


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