Genesis Part 5

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When Adam sinned mankind was not altered anymore than when Eve was “in the transgression”. If there was a difference please explain! How could the sin of either parent affect the preceding or succeeding children? The make-up of each child born to both parents was already set in order. God had made pro-creation a law. Law cannot be changed unless there is sin. Sin has to be committed. If a child born to either Adam or Eve had not committed a violation of proscribed law, they could not have sinned. 1 John 3:4, 5:17 Is there any evidence anywhere that anything physically was effected by the sin of either parent? If Adam or Eve had stolen a Pepsi at the local 7-11 would their children have inherited the results of that sin? Evidence shows that sin does affect the physical man but the physical man does not and cannot sin UNLESS the spiritual man directs him or her to so act!! My hand never is responsible if it steals a piece of bread, the physical man did not initiate, prompt, or direct the hand to steal. The spiritual part of man, the soul and spirit, is the only part of man that is given a choice; the physical part of man (unless caused to do something that God has not directed) is like the animals around us, it always obeys God’s commands!! What has the body ever done that is against the will of the Almighty? The tree of knowledge of good and evil did not affect the physical man, dieing was initiated at man’s creation. Why would there have been a tree of Life if there was no death? Was the tree of Life not already in the Garden before the sin?
Since that part of man, called the physical, has never sinned (unless made to so sin by the spiritual part of man) when Christ would come His purpose would be to save the spiritual. When man sinned the Creator met with the agents of sin in what I like to call an event Eternal (because of it’s consequences) to announce what HE HAD DECIDED TO DO ABOUT SIN.
Imagine the august scene. Christ walking the Garden in the cool of the day. As His usual custom was, He came to converse with His highest creation, mankind. Nothing Adam and Eve had ever done could prepare them for this Eternal event. Having made themselves a covering of leaves amongst the trees of the Garden, they hid themselves from the voice of God. He cried out to them; “ Where art thou?” Does it seem to you that God has been asking this question ever since? Why would man leave such a Paradise, where all is prepared, where no work is required, and where he is complete control of his domain and follow Satan? Yet, the scriptures say; “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23 Adam and the rest of mankind are not alike!! Adam HEARD God’s voice!! and respected It. Genesis 3:10
Does it ever strike you as strange that God seemed insulted, angered when man hid from His presence? Does it strike you as strange for the same thing to be true, today? “Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? Adam began what is the universal path of ignoring responsibility: “the woman whom Thou gavest me (it is all your fault, God!) she gave me of the tree (and I was powerless and unable to stop her) and I did eat.” “What is this that thou hast done?” Genesis 3:10-13 Notice who answered, was it the one who had sinned??!!


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