What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 10

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Adam was created in two parts-he was physically made from the “dust of the Earth” then Christ “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and he became a living soul.”  Many have questioned whether or not the soul is breathed afresh in every man from God or is it transmitted through our physical parentage, or can man who is physical produce that which is like God, spiritual?  If scientist every “clone” a duplication of the human body that survives something like birth, will it have a soul and spirit??

We know the body does nothing in and of itself without direction.  The great discourse in Romans 7:14-25 is without question the most revealing about man that inspiration has given us.  Does Paul tell us the body SINS, or can it sin when it has no soul or spirit?  When the soul and spirit move out in death, can the body that remains, SIN??  We know that the physical body will one day be replaced with a spiritual body for the faithful, 1 Corinthians 15, Romans 8:11.  If the soul is the only part of our anatomy that can sin, and the soul/spirit came from God, is sin God’s fault, not Adam’s??

I have been through classes that try to “make God look bad” for the purposes of teaching that there is no nature called God!!  I will give you some of their propositions so if you ever hear them, you will be ready to help them!!  God made man, it was an impossible association.   He put too much power (a soul and spirit) in clay.  The body and spirit are so diametrically opposed to each other that mankind was predestined to fail before he got started.  God predestinated certain “special ones” to be eternally lost and some to be eternally saved.  Would God be a just God if He only saved those He inflicted or caused to sin that He knew He was going to save??  Did God ever intend to save any of the rest of mankind who had to sin, not predestined to eternal life??  Has there ever been a man or woman that lived on this Earth that DID NOT SIN??  Is it true that God could be considered just yet He placed such a vast evil as eternal damnation on the soul of man that sins??  If God made a mistake of putting the soul, spirit, and body together and they just DO NOT go together is He just for condemning when the results are not his own making??

Here are some answers you might want to read.  What CAUSED man to sin, God or violation of a law given man by God??  Did God MAKE man violate His law or did He give man a thing called CHOICE??  Has God ever given any other thing He created CHOICE??  Oh, angels, you say?  Did angels sin?  Were they predestinated?  From whom did the angels who sinned inherit their sin?  I know—Adam, right!!  Who sinned first, angels or Adam?  How do you explain that if sin is inherited from the procreation of Adam, the angels who sinned before Adam sinned were in existence BEFORE Adam??

This thing called law, choice, and sin, when overlooked, makes it look a little bad on which being, God, the creator or Adam, the created?  Just because some do not like God’s rules does not give them the right to leave out ½ of the story!!  When God gave Adam the world to rule, a beautiful wife, and a simple command to obey that was greater than the “law of the conscience”-do you think it too much for God to demand man “obey that Law,” especially when the choice was made, man chose someone other than God??  By the fact Adam chose Eve instead of God, do you consider God unjust, mad, or a spoiled sport??  The death of Christ, who is equal to God in every way, justified God’s claim on the judgment of man.  Who made the choice?? man made the choice??  When the proper choice is made does it not also justify God in rewarding the obedient??   Romans 3:23-26   Did that professor “grade” your test?  How was your score??

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