What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 11

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The only thing man “fathers” is that of which is his KIND.  Man cannot produce a soul and spirit.  This comes by cooperation from the Creator in respecting His law.  Man has TWO fathers, the father of spirits, Hebrews 12:9; Zechariah 12:1; Ecclesiastes 12:7 and the father of flesh, where we get our likeness of ancestry, DNA, and personality.  The soul sins AFTER it is incarnate, not before.  It is as impossible for the soul to sin in the womb as it is to sin after it is born until it becomes accountable!! “The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” Psalms 58:3   The word for “go astray” is the Hebrew word ta.aw and means to reel or stray; also wander; vacillate; deceive; make to err.  None of this is possible without the CHOICE God gives man.

When discussing this with those who deny the existence of God they often offer their philosophy and rationality in propositions as: “Is man, put on the waves of a sea called life, unable to support or defend himself when he is even given NO chance,  fails to swim (obey God’s perfectly), judged as damned because he disobeys the Law of God (which he has already been predisposed to disobey), “misses the mark,” said to then serve a “just” God?  Who put man in such a position as to be totally depraved (unable to do any good which will reward him) when man can not control the sea, its waves, or shore on which he must, without ability to control, land?  Has that man, who has never heard of God or His mercy called grace, be damned to eternal Hell if he (even though he never has heard God’s message) obeys a false message of man and God, condemn him for obeying the WRONG commands?  If there is a God, is He where no intelligence exist?  Can a tree fall in a forest where no human life exist and the sound of that fall be heard?  What about foreknowledge—even if man is predestined as eternally saved or lost—what difference will it make since the “die has already been cast” and there is nothing one could do to change the verdict?  Is this God so narrow-minded as to believe that ALL men can understand and believe the same doctrine exactly alike and if not, condemn the one who trusted the “faith” of his parents and grandparents, be lost?

All forget that man was put on this planet by a “loving” God, not some Being bent on getting joy out of destroying most of what He made!!  The very first thing God is on record of doing is giving man His Law!  It was not a difficult Law, in fact, it was very simple: “do not eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil.”  What God also put in man was something not often mentioned-a conscience, soul.  Every human being has in him an instinct-conscience-desire to be moral, unchallenged until he can choose.  This “law of the conscience” later called a “natural” law was guide to every man.  “For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the Law, these, having not the Law, are a Law unto themselves.” Romans 2:14  Nine of the ten commandments given by Moses from Mt. Sinai were the Laws all mankind had lived by ever since Adam.   It is not “natural” for a child to steal, lie, kill, hate, or seek to destroy.  They have to LEARN how to do these things-”going astray as soon as they be born,” from their surroundings.  Instinct is in all other animals—NONE of them sin-why just man and angels?  The difference is our ability to CHOSE between what is right and what is wrong.  Eve was blind-sided, Adam was not, Adam KNEW he was choosing between God and Eve-he made the wrong choice!!  They will chide: “For if by one man’s offense death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:17  Yes, but what proves too much proves too little-death reigned AS, WHEN, BECAUSE man CHOSE to sin, was not made, was not born with sin-just born with the propensity to sin, Adam had shown Satan our “Achilles Heel.”  If there were human beings who were never sinners the argument may reach another level, BUT THERE WERE!!  We can tell who never sinned by the trajectory of their souls at death—the safe went UP while the sinning soul went DOWN to the sides of the pit!!  In this “pit” were two compartments,  Paradise and Tartarus.  Paradise was for those who later were washed in the blood of Christ and united with they who had NEVER sinned, either because of the length of life, inability to chose, or NEVER disobeying the Law of God.  Jesus, Enoch, and Elijah were men who lived on this Earth, reached the age of accountability, yet NEVER disobeyed the Law under which they lived.  I did not put Christ in this  group, Christ was/is God and God cannot sin!!

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