What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 16

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What has been overlooked is the “seed of the soul/spirit.” It too, came from its “kind.” It is too evident that all babies have the nature of their spiritual Father. Man has been confused about his importance and relationship to the Godhead by not realizing from whom all souls and spirits emanate. Paul, as he was directed by the Holy Spirit, tells us “Furthermore, we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?” Hebrews 12:9 The response to the earthly fathers is from a Greek word enetrepometha, which means to “have regard or respect for temporary life” while the word used for reverence, when speaking of the heavenly Father, means to “be in subjection, subordination, to place in an orderly fashion under” which always produces life in His children. The idea of hupostasso originally showed a dependent position to superiors who possessed supreme rule, there was NO questioning allowed.
All too often we have failed to recognized the lovely, kind, and joyousness of the spirit of all newborn and infant children and never wondered WHY!. It is sad to see such a beautiful, lovely being (unless they are ill) taken over by an environment we in the most part control contrasted with that wondrous infant under the total auspices of their eternal Father. EVERYBODY LOVES AN INFANT, not many love you and I! That does not speak too well of the physical parentage, does it? The purity of their nature does not proceed from the physical father or mother for from them the soul and spirit do not proceed. By the time the world has had time to work them into what we teach them (our faults), this new creature many times becomes a “child of Hell” many times worse than its progenitors of the flesh!! Infants have the same in attitude and spirit as their spiritual Father, Christ! This is the reason our hearts bleed when small children are jerked away from the Body of Christ at a young age. They never often get that opportunity nor have the desire or reason to desire to overcome that intervention the physical father imposes of them. Physical fathers interfere with the fatherhood of the heavenly Father claiming to be “the head of their own homes” when in fact they are the joker that is leading their posterity to Hell and NO ONE can stop them!! How many times, if just being left alone, the sentence of eternity for their children would be altogether different!! But a selfish, interfering physical parent who cares nothing for the work of their spiritual Father, takes it upon himself to “run” his home when he can’t even “run” himself. Amen! Walls!!
How often hear we it said; “I will start bringing my children to church (bad way to express it, but we know what they mean) when they get old enough to behave.”! These kind of parents never consider the make-up of the child, nor ONE OF ITS Parents. These people think the restlessness and irreverence evidenced in their children is never addressed by Christ! They then think they are “trying to help God out” of a difficult dilemma by keeping the child or children away from the “environment” of their Heavenly Father until they get old enough to sit still in worship services. Do we not understand and recognize that the God who gave them life also provided for them in the worship services?? Do we think the “worship in spirit” has no part in training the spirits of our children? IF the worship is not “spiritual” denominational services would do, right?? Some of us have switched!!
Adam began in a spiritual climate in the Garden, but they did not understand the significance of those spiritual items in the Garden. They never considered the “spiritual” implications of the tree of life, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, never having to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow, their likeness to God in having dominion over ever living creature, transmutation, and fellowship with Christ. They were not old enough I guess (maybe they missed that Sunday evening!!). Man began in a spiritual climate and left the realm of innocence, it is the same story! What amazes me is that members of the Body are blinded to the spirituality of the God-designed worship services thinking the children (who are far more like Him than we are) get nothing out of them. YET they want to harp on bringing them to the Sunday School classes. Just about every child I know or have read about relate to Sunday School when it comes to learning the scriptures!!. I wonder which father knows best?? Don’t forget that when the gospel is preached and the Spirit of God has control of the message (not the messenger), the spirit of the child is not invited to leave the room, by God!!

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