What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 17

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One of the blessings God placed in man when He created man was a conscience. This conscience is given as a guard against wrong, which would include sin. Conscience in the Greek is the word suneidesis and it means “to be ones own witness.” When Cain was rebelling against the command of God to offer animal sacrifices instead of the fruit of the ground, God came to him and said: “Why are you wroth? And why is thy countenance fallen?” Cain showed his contempt for the commands of God taught him by his father Adam, and was wroth. Wroth is the Hebrew word charah and it means to burn, to glow with anger, to be jealous, grow indignant. Unlike some other Hebrew verbs it points to the fire or heat of the anger just after it has been ignited. You have seen this many times, we might say “his face flushed up.” Cain did NOT intend anybody to tell him what he could or could not do, not even God, but he knew better and his conscience was pricked! He knew the commands of his father but ignored them intending to have it his way. There was a flare up or a fire lit within him. His conscience was evidenced. Now, I want to ask you a question; did the conscience come from Adam? WHY? Did Eve “flare up” when she was being sweet talked into eating the forbidden fruit?
Scripture said she was “beguiled.” To be “beguiled” is to be told something so convincingly that you believe it. Many say Eve ate an apple. The Latin word for apple is malam while the Latin word malum means evil. Whatever the fruit, it was in plain violation of divine command. An unwarranted desire for forbidden knowledge prompted it. Eve HAD NO CONSCIENCE ABOUT THIS sin like Cain. WHY, the lie was what she had been schooled in over a period of time. She attended the WRONG church, Satan’s. So it was what she was use to hearing and believe and it made her more important and smarter than God!!. Eve committed the sin consciously and deliberately against God’s explicit and emphatic command. Who was watching the store? What was she doing being allowed to hang around Satan? Where was Adam?
God always speaks plainly and with no chance of misunderstanding. Satan tries to “go around the block” and hit on the “blind side.” Eve was overridden by something Eve desired more than obeying God!! Satan knew he could persuade Eve more easily than Adam. NOT THAT SHE WAS DUMB, she was just more gullible, she reacted to emotion instead of command. Satan did not attempt to explain why they would die or what kind of death he spake about. He merely affirmed it would be as he said—Satan did not need proof where God did!!. What did that mean for what God had said?? Somebody was lying but false teachers would never be judgmental!! “JUDGE NOT” They would never mentioned that God lied!! Like all preachers when correcting God, they are in their most holy clothing. Satan “implied” God was keeping something from Eve that was rightfully hers!! Satan IMPUGNED GOD’S MOTIVES!! Eve “bought” the assumption and the rest is history.
Instinct is found in all of humanity, but not detectable at birth. Instinct is not from the seed of Adam. Some have this stronger than others, but this resides in all of us. Did instinct come from Adam? Did Eve have that instinct? Did she KNOW she was doing wrong? She was beguiled! Tell a lie long enough and people will think it the truth!!
Conscience or instinct can be overridden and destroyed. People can get use to a lot of things they, at the start, are told by their “instincts” Some refer to this as the hidden man within, others call it a hunch; call it what you will ALL humanity have unlearned responses to certain stimuli that they have never been schooled to believe. The sad part of this “instinct” is that it can be trained to become dormant, put to sleep, or resisted enough to stop man from feeling “wrong” when he does certain things. Our consciences cannot then be trusted to “be our guide.” All this being true, where did we get this instinct? We DO NOT inherit sin NOR can we inherit instinct? IT CAME FROM CHRIST!! Cain knew he was wrong, his face “flushed up” but he continued to persist in doing what he wanted. This reminds me of people in denominationalism. They are taught by a member of the body of Christ what the truth states about baptism “for the remission of sins.” They see they have no choice but to “obey from the heart that form of doctrine” Romans 6:17 Yet they appeal to their “feelings” and then cry “let my conscience be my guide”!! THAT DID NOT COME FROM GOD nor their doctrine!!

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