What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 18

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Satan was the agent of destruction that meted out the deliberate disobedience to the creation called human beings and the Law of the Almighty. There is no one who has ever hated mankind like Satan. It is all his desire and plan to bring us along into destruction just like he did mother Eve. Unfortunately, he is still using the same tactics as in the first sin of mankind. He even tried this on Christ during the 40 days temptation!! In life there are what is called victims and volunteers. Augustine, in the 3rd century introduced the doctrine of inborn sin. This doctrine made and if true makes man a victim. Man feels better if picked on, made the under dog, and likes playing the victim role!! Man is not a victim of anything but his own avarice, greed, and selfishness. Man makes himself a volunteer for destruction. Satan cunningly overcame all of Eve’s good and introduced to her what in all probability was what had caused him to sin and lead an untold number of angels to Tartarus. He can’t seem to get over his being cast out of the good graces of God but still thinks his way is best. He still is the arch-angel of the angels of the earth who follow the direction of its creator, Christ!! On what day of the creation story God created the Hadean World for Satan and the fallen angels (Matthew 25:41) is not known, but that it occurred BEFORE the fall of man, is sure!! Also, what is known is that the Hadean world was not made for mankind!! Was sin that which man was never to participate or did God alter His plan, change His focus determining who or whom God pre-determined would spend eternity in fellowship with Him? Just what is this great mystery?? If God changed His course during the creation of all things, we then have an entirely different story than man has understood or to put it another way, did God pre-determine more than one species to be eternal??
What likeness has man with angels? Each has the God-given blessing or curse of choice, each are spirit creatures, each are eternal, and each possess the God-given abilities to think!! There is among the species/beings called angels rank and position. No other beings that possess essence (personality, the ability to possess knowledge, acquired information, and the ability to alter their status with God (thought) exist in God’s creative plan other than man and angels. If we obey, we are by God, blessed; if we disobey, we are by God, dis-fellowshipped. Which have souls? Which was to be superior? When was the inherency of superiority made known to each being? Does not man STILL think angels are superior to man? Does not man see might more a desired trait than position? Is it not true that man has the superiority and angels the might/power which is closest to the might/nature called God? Was Christ an angel?? Did Christ possess the nature of angels (Hebrews 2:16) before He was God (John 1:1-the durative imperfect of was, Greek word een means to go back before anything creatable. In original Greek John 1:1 reads “Before there was a beginning, the Word was”) Was man or angels given “the image” of God as it was man or did angels this assume? Eternity is timelessness. But we as limited human beings can only think within the limited concepts of time and space. It is hard for us to imagine anything or anybody not bound by them. God, who is free of these boundaries, has to use human language to make us understand His thoughts, as far as that is possible.
Let us approach this another way. Which of God’s creative prowess can be lost? (Notice, I did not mention, souls) Can Christ? horses? sheep? whales? ants? EVER be lost or lose their station and ranking with God?? Do not all species, made by God, not possess rank and station? Is there not superiority within species among all creatures? Has there been any other species, kind, being made by God try to alter the rank and profile of its kind, other than man or angels? Which succeeded-NONE, which tried to alter that order-man or angels. Whose idea was this altering? Since Eve had to be “educated” to know what she did not have, what she lacked, that there was a “food” she was forbidden to eat that would make her “wise as God”, and what she was completely happy without knowing when known made her unhappy, who in the creation of God, which being, introduced these concepts to mother-Eve? Were they introduced to Adam? WHY?
Does not sin exist in the mind or heart before implemented? Was it not allowed in the Old Testament that man could think on sin, but not sin? Did not Christ change this important doctrine while on this earth? Could Christ have sinned?? Can or would God entice man to sin? James 1:13

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