What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 2

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Cain sinned, but not in the same way as did Adam.  Cain was one of the first that were twins, so Moses writings tell us, for the verb knew was singular, not plural, nor repeated.  Cain and Abel were born after the sin of Adam and Eve, not while Adam lived in the Garden of Eden or the area in proximity to the Garden!  Cain began his sin as all sin begins, with a hostile attitude toward God which lead him to disobedience.  Cain was not worshipping God “in spirit and in truth” as was Abel, John 4:24, and when Cain saw Abel so worshipping God, Hebrews 11:4, Cain grew angry and jealous.  He hated his brother and murdered him, 1 John 3:12.  God is not unjust, and sin does not come upon us as a curse from God!!  God is not the author of sin, it is contrary to His nature.

Cain was “marked” (Hebrew word oth which means sign, mark, token, badge, warning, omen, symbol).  God would leave other “marks” in the world which would allow us to understand this mark.  There would be the rainbow, stars in the heavens, circumcision, miracles, wonders, and prophecies.  I have often said it was clothing.  Many have questioned that, that is fine with me, but you have to admit the first thing Adam and Eve did was put on the “mark” when they heard the voice of God (sounds like what we do when we hear the voice of God, Mark 16:16) which was clothing (sounds again like what we do, Galatians 3:27) but did not set up a Walmart (start a denominational church, God started His Own).  Until this century, clothing was considered a standard of wealth, not modesty.

What was Cain’s occupation?  If he could not get strength from the Earth, how did or would he feed his family or himself?  He would not depend on his brothers or sisters, aunts and uncles, there was no welfare society-where and how did he eat?  If you follow his manner of living, it forces us to the conclusion that he became a “keeper of sheep.”  Interesting that if this be true and the ground would not bless him, the very thing over which the life of his brother was surrendered became the occupation by which he fed himself and his families.  This would support the idea of him being able to continue his “mark” and begin the trade and commerce with others.  Did Adam cause this?    

Now comes the question always asked of Cain.  Where did he get his wife?  It was NOT from an act of God, so Cain could blame her on God, it was not the exact match as Eve was Adam, she biologically had to be his sister though many generations of sons and daughters, so it would seem to be so that where ever he found her, she did not come from a family close enough to Eden that the murder of Abel would cause them to take vengeance of Cain.  ThelandofNodby definition of the name was the land of wonderers or vagrants.  From the name, Cain found his wife.  “And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were 800 years: and he begot sons and daughters:” Genesis 5:4.  Adam began as a full-grown, perfectly developed, God-created man.  He was unlike any man before him or after him—no one duplicates Adam in time of existence or children that to him were born.  Why do they pick on the sin of Adam, as terrible and meaningful as it was, to explain just ONE likeness to this great man?  It defies logic as all denominationalism does.  Never, again, do we hear or read about Adam committing ANOTHER SIN!!  Maybe he did or did not, I don’t know; but, you live 860 years and commit one sin of importance and when ½ of your ancestors turn out to be as righteous as wereAdamsyou will have bragging rights!!  Adam did have this record, and a very enviable record it is!!  Every man and woman that lives, today, comes from this man and his wife—we are all his children by Eve—if Christ as the pattern be followed!

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