What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 20

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It makes no sense, for one to be punished for the sins of another!! One act of mercy afforded multitudes of sins (kinds) showing the death of Christ much greater than the supposed “hereditary total depravity” brought on man by one sin. Where righteousness lives also lives life with countless blessings. Righteousness is greater than life, shown in Christ Jesus, for “in Christ” sin is not only covered but rooted up from its roots with nothing left to be remembered.
The “good” of Christ is then NOT equal to the harm of Adam. Christ gifts declared us not to be punished and His mercy gave us the “new birth” where we can be as we were from our beginning. John 3:5 There is not ONE VESTIGE of the effect of sin on us who are “in Christ.” If you cast a man in prison for not paying a debt of $10.00 and One comes along who pays down the debt, paying $1,000,000 more than the debt-He doesn’t stop here, He leads us into the Kings Court, to the throne of the highest of the high-who is going to remember the reason this man was put into prison? Christ came and not only paid down the debt of sin but also leads us to the throne of the Highest of the High covered in the blood that was shed from the foundations of the world and someone remembers the one sin that originally separated us from God?? I don’t think so!!
If one offense caused the cessation of fellowship with God, being removed in Christ blood should bring ridicule to anyone who would concentrate on the “original sin.” God determined “before the foundations of the world” to remedy that sin in the sacrifice of His Son. Knowing His Son would die on Calvary’s tree and all who meet Christ’s blood in the waters of baptism are forgiven of sin(s), God knowing this, would it not seem a little inane of God to concentrate SO much on that ONE sin? Would it not make that One sin look a little overplayed when God had determined BEFORE it ever was committed to so forgive those offenders. Would “remembering” that One sin be showing More importance to that One sin than God’s ONE sacrifice for ALL SINS?? To equate One sin to that One life that brings SO much more, is ridiculous!! How could it be that one man’s disobedience be THAT IMPORTANT when God planned to forgive THAT SIN?? Is it not true that another’s righteousness is so overwhelming greater than One man’s disobedience God would overlook so many types and kinds of other sins that what should be remembered is that One Man’s righteousness?? Could the man who NEVER sinned complain by such a great act of mercy???
The unselfishness of Christ freed the “many” and showed THE “way,” revealed through Christ’s apostles, back to the fellowship of God? Life “in Christ” is greater than any sin Adam could have ever committed!! Man exposed to Satan the way Satan could pick apart all who are of the essence called human, but this was not a surprise to God. HE ALREADY HAD A PLAN!! If, as they teach, mankind was condemned in Adam, “in Christ” all they who were condemned and obeyed God’s commandments were re-instated. I am going to ask again, why, then all the fuss about Adam?? What is interesting to me is that they forever teach all men were condemned in Adam but NEVER teach ALL MEN ARE SAVED “IN Christ?!! 2 Timothy 2:10
The Law did not help, it only made matters worse. The Law of Moses DEFINED sin, told us what God considered sin to be. Only through the Law could sin appear as sin, predict the CURE to sin was on His way, and parable how Christ would remove sin. The Law proved sin was temporary, not permanent!! In school, once you learn 2+2=4, you quit using that book as a textbook and refer to it when you need proof you were right when you gave the answer 4 to the equation when asked. What you did to remedy sin in your life was found in the Word of God. Every time some one ask you what to do to be saved and you answer correctly, you can go back to those written truths once learned, reread the same verses, and be even MORE convicted than you were when you first “obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine delivered you.” Romans 6:18 Every time you go back to the “primer” and check, you don’t then learn this fact again, you convict yourself more and more that the equation is true and can go on to things that will enlighten you even MORE!! You see, the Law was temporary. After it defined what to God sin is, you pressed on, only using the Law as a means of convicting you causing you to declare to NEVER sin, again. The Law could not forgive sin it only defined it!!

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