What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 24

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When man considers anything of the royal Deity of Heaven, he forgets a very important thing-They are not human!! Unfortunately, many fail to put this into their understanding and therefore read something into the text that was mentioned. The worst example of this relates to Their ONENESS. If we look at this subject thinking of man, we will get the wrong understanding. It is not often we talk about oneness when it relates to man for all men are distinctly different, with God this is not true. They never got into a match, as do men, trying to outdo one another. Power, might, place, or the higher position NEVER finds itself manifested among Them. To think One of those who possess the nature called God is superior to the other is a misnomer that is human not divine!! In fact, when we listen to what our Master taught while here on this planet, the way of greatness among Them was deprivation, servitude, or being of the lowest esteem. I find when men discuss the three Beings who are of the nature called God, they are always trying to give them human traits. “My thoughts are not your thoughts; My ways are not your ways; for as the heaven is higher than the earth, so are My thoughts higher than your thoughts and My ways higher than your ways.” Isaiah 55:8-9 Yet, we are always hearing that one of the Godhead is greater than the other!! This idea came from man; it never came from a study of Deity!!
When Jesus “ratted on Himself” (as man thinks) and confessed: “My Father is greater than I,” in the manner of God this does not mean what it means in the languages of man!! Inferiority amongst equality or Oneness is not inferiority in essence, being, or station; it could only come from covenant!! You and I have run into some who want to lead us down the road of greatness, superiority, and totality when they discuss Deity. There is NO reference, NO place for this type of thinking!! In fact it is an insult to Being so far superior to mankind. Describing the ONENESS of Deity with these blind ones is like describing human love to a frog!! When you start off with the wrong premise you can never end up with the right understanding!! It doesn’t matter that Jesus is on record as saying when He came into this world that “He thought it not robbery to be equal with God,” “My Father and I are one,” or “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead, bodily.” Colossians 2:9 When Jesus had ALL the fullness of the Godhead it would be like saying “my gas tank is completely full.” If the tank if completely full and you cannot get another ounce in it, then you can understand how that ALL the fullness of Godhead was in Christ when here in His physical body!! IF THIS IS NOT TRUE, then verse 10 of Colossians 2 comes under scrutiny-it reads “And you are complete in Him, which is the head of all principality and power.” Guess we can discount something here that would suit some, but never accurately represent the truth!! So when the scriptures state there is “ONE BODY, AND ONE SPIRIT EVEN AS YOU ARE CALLED IN THE ONE HOPE OF YOUR CALLING. ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, AND ONE BAPTISM” Ephesians 4:4-5 Take your choice, which of these one-nesses do you want to eliminate? It is amazing to me how many people who take the “one in the Godhead theory” think the Holy Spirit is not ranked with the Father, also!!
Back to ONENESS. The closest man gets to this understanding is when you tell him of marriage. When a man and woman marry (enter into the marriage contract) they two become ONE flesh.” Matthew 19:5-6. Notice, my friend, Adam and Eve became ONE flesh. Were they not one flesh before they were Adam and Eve? Was Eve not taken out of, from Adam? Before the marriage contract was explained them by Christ, Genesis 3:16, were they in a contract of marriage or where they just together? Is it not the rules of a contract of marriage that one has to be inferior to the other as far as the desire of their bodies is concerned?? Did Adam “rule over” Eve before Christ made this contract valid after the sin in the Garden? When Eve was a part of the body of Adam, was Eve subject to Adam? Yes subject, but not contractually subject to Adam. She existed before the contract as independent and under NO bondage, control, resolve to obey Adam’s wishes concerning the flesh. Now, Jesus tells us man and woman will become ONE flesh when the marriage contract is enacted (according to the rules of the state or government under which they live).
Do man and woman MERGE into one flesh or are we being forced to see a ONENESS like God!!

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