What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 26

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Each man, woman, and child have memory, understanding, and will-yet they are ONE individual. Each man, woman, and child have a soul, spirit, and body-yet each are ONE. Understanding Deity is not a qualification for becoming a Christian, but denying Deity may qualify one for losing one’s soul!!
In the early part of our nation there was a doctrine that like Mohammedanism taught there was only ONE who was God. He was out of touch and dis-interested in mankind but many of our early fellow-citizens were Deist. Deism and Mohammedanism teach one superior Deity to the exclusion of any other as its equal. Christianity, since its inception, has had many who have tried to foster off on the faith of Jesus Christ those who would teach the same doctrine. This battle continues today in some circles and unfortunately in some places of the Church of Christ.
Essence is personality-personality defined is your nature, what you are, the approval of the self, the understanding that there is a self, and the differences in the self that exist in you that are like others who are your equals. Essence is the permanent contrasted with the temporary or accidental, the property necessary or the nature of a thing . If there is only one of your kind that exist, how could you know what you really are? God is independent and before the universe. He has no need or need of acceptance from the universe or anything He created in order to know who He is! He had no need for man to approve what He intended to do with creation, He could know Himself to be right because there were two other Beings who possessed the essence as He, He waited on no others approval. “What if some do not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God of none effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar….” Romans 3:3-4 “”O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out! For who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor?” Romans 11:33-34 God is what He intends to be with or without man’s approval, the universe’s acceptance, or man’s understanding and there are three who define that acceptance, knowledge, and understanding AND THEY ARE ONE-unified in purpose-counseled in plan-needing NO acceptance from any other!!
The God we know as the Father knew the Son from all eternity. It is His plan that the Son fulfilled. Matthew 11:27 The Father loved the Son from eternity. John 3:35. The Father glorified the Son. John 17:5 Prior to creation, the Eternal Wisdom was by Him as one “brought up with Him, a daily delight, rejoicing always before Him.” Proverb 8:30 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.”John 1:1-2 From the beginning the Word was “in the bosom” of the Father (He was ever in His presence, delight, and rejoicing). John 1:18 Man was not eternal, the universe was not eternal, angels were not eternal-the question must be asked-what WAS eternal before the beginning that was WITH the Father? “I Am the Alpha (first) and Omega (last), the Beginning and the End.” Revelation 1:17-18 If Christ was not with God before time who was there to love, brought up with Him, daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him?? He who is the “wisdom and knowledge of God.” Colossians 2:3,9 His name is also the Messenger of the Grand Counsel. Isaiah 9:6 A messenger delivers a message to someone else from someone else.
God, the Father beheld Himself in the Word- His equal-the express image of His personality (Hebrews 1:3) What is true of the Son is also true of the Holy Spirit and needs no explanation. God did not struggle as a ‘LONER’ as Mohammedanism and Deism requires, He was not in “solitary existence.” Within His presence was the Word-His equal-His same essence and the Holy Spirit; each individual, yet ONE. God thought, the Word created, and the Holy Spirit communicated and IT DID NOT MATTER WHAT MAN THOUGHT!! God knew who, what, and why He began the great “Mystery of the Ages” and has never had second thoughts about His thought!! God did not bring Himself into existence—He HAS ALWAYS BEEN. He is not self-created nor is He the self-cause of His creation—cause and effect is not applicable to Deity. God is the UN-created, non-generated, wise, all present, all knowing, all seeing Being that NEVER knew day one of existence, the definition of His essence-nature demands it. Adam was not the problem, he was only a piece of the plan, Satan was not as clever as he thought himself and destroyed his happiness forever and ever!!

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