What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 27

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Did Adam have within his gene pool the ability to change the nature of man? Was it the nature of man to sin? If man sinned AFTER his creation, did he have the propensity to pass this change in nature to his children? It only takes ONE person to have never sinned to prove it is not our nature!
Can we alter the nature with which he was born? It is not believed by anyone I have known or read from that Adam or Eve were created sinners, they did not alter their nature when they sinned. It has been successfully shown that the man is the same as he was with Adam. ONLY physically somewhat, not spiritually. Adam nor Eve never had ANYHING to do with the spiritual part of mankind. As has been shown, sin did not begin with Adam or Eve, it began with Satan, an arch-angel of the Earth who was set in power over the other Seraphims (of the earth) Angels whose function was to superintend and sustain the creation of Jesus Christ. It has to be pointed out here that Satan had nothing to do with the perfection of creation, the plants or animals, or the moons and tides, whatsoever!! When pure nature is discussed, Satan not Adam ever had any way to change in any respect what Christ created!! If he or they did, please let me know who or what they were. As Satan, not Adam or Eve, had nothing to do with changing nature (creatures), neither did Divinity have anything to do with changing the physical composition of man!! No, man did not evolve from some lower primate, crossing species lines to become something altogether different than what their ancestry had been.
The Holy Spirit had a function to make the earth habitable for man whom Christ had set over this world giving man God’s image, power, control that no other creature has ever again possessed. The Spirit did not alter the spiritual composition Christ began nor has there EVER been a human being that was not made up of soul and spirit as was fashioned by the Creator!!
Man, today, is trying to create his own new type of creature by cloning. It will be new, if they can get it done, because it will not have the soul and spirit as a part of the what ever they want to call it!! Can you imagine a soul-less or spirit-less what ever they want to call it out roaming around? There is no law of pro-creation man will be following so they will not have the cooperation of Deity at its origin. We keep looking for the “missing link” and it keeps on cooperating—it keeps missing!! The monkey to man game has been played too many innings to even be entertaining!! NOTHING has changed from the original, all is the same.
We can not alter nature. We can re-arrange, re-vise, destroy but not alter what is natural. Man has NEVER sinned following nature. Man has NEVER passed any law or tried to educate any changing unwritten natural laws like eating, sleeping, breathing air, drinking fluids, or blinking his eye lid when dust gets in it. Sin is an alteration in the existence of man but it is not something that is NATURAL with man!! We do NOT know how long Satan stayed after Eve BEFORE he broke down her resistance and gave Adam the fruit. One thing we do know, though. IT WAS NOT NATURAL FOR HER TO DISOBEY GOD!! A propensity she may have had, but it was not natural. Hollywood, Satan’s bride has made big inroads but as of yet not altered nature. Sin is NOT NATURAL, all who sin have to ACQUIRE, COMMIT, VIOLATE A LAW to sin. All Eve accomplished was show Satan to our front door, from there he got in himself. Sin comes through a defection in moral purpose. The mind has to be changed, the will broken down, and the deterrent made to look insignificant. This is exactly what Satan does every time he gets us to obey him. Our first parents marked out the same path that has been trodden every time sin is committed. Every time the path is followed, the creature gets weaker, easier to control. Each generation has to be re-built to become a “new creature ‘in Christ” or that generation succeeds to get worse than the last! “God saw that the thoughts of man’s heart was evil continuously..” and He destroyed man so something would be left for Christ to save!! Genesis 6:3 Man is definitely inclined to evil and we must perpetually counteract its influence with vigorous exertion or sin will overtake our species, again. This time God will destroy sin by fire!! The only deterrent is the blood of Christ!! This MUST be instilled in the hearts of our children. Sin cannot become a joke, a habit, acceptable, or “not as bad as you think” Christ blood is met in baptism!! Acts 2:38. 22:16; 1 Peter 3:21 Christ is the only help in the last 5,000 years, better not pass Him up!!

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