What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 3

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Adam was an attempted conquest of Satan.  Satan had been successful in his first effort to thwart the plan and purpose of the Almighty with those angels under his command that listened to his half-lies.  When Satan beheld man and knew God’s plan in the purpose of the creation of all things, it was his greatest, overwhelming desire to defeat man as he had those angels who had sinned.  For man to teach that sin FIRST entered by Adam is false.  Sin already existed BEFORE man was created and among those Seraphims who superintended the Earth under the authority of Satan, the arch angel of the Earth assigned by God, the Son.  Satan’s jealousy of God’s affinity to man, which angels could never have and the fact that angels were created FOR man as servants in a period in which time and timelessness as yet was unrealized by man, caused him to try and outdo the plan of God.  It is revealed in Scripture that angels were made first, then man. Job 38:7  God made three types; arch-angels, cherubims, and seraphims.  There are angels that function as “the” spirit of the nation” over which they preside, nations to which they are assigned by God. Daniel 10:12,13, and 20.  Arch-angels have might and power unknown and unequaled to anything created.  The only way to be superior to arch angels is to un-created, which alone describes God!  Angels, like God, are spirit beings. Hebrews 1:14  There were three of this magnitude: Michael, Gabriel, and Satan.  Each of these angels seemed to be personally responsible to one of the members of the Godhead.  Only arch angels could theophanize (take on a physical body in appearance).  They do not marry, are male in gender, and cannot die.  They are real, personal beings, not just some abstract personification of good and evil.  They are not omniscient (all wise), nor omnipotent (everywhere), omnipotent (all knowing), and with the exception of arch angels, are not omnifarious (be in physical form).    They are NOT glorified human beings and exist in a vast multitude, and are highly organized, created as man, HOLY!  In their state of probation (that equal to life on earth for mankind) some fell from their state of innocence. 2 Peter 2:4  Scripture is  silent regarding the time and cause of their fall, but we are sure it preceded man’s fall and was predicated by the same evil angel.  Is not a question as to why God created Satan, the question we should all worry about? God is not like man, Satan can, as Jesus mentioned, “have nothing in Me.” John 14:30

Angel is non-translatable, it is always spelled in some form of its original.  They are a supernatural or heavenly beings created to become servants to God’s vaunted creation, man.  The word Satan means adversary, and Scripture shows him to be the adversary of both God and man.  He hinders man’s temporal and eternal welfare by a limited control over natural phenomena, by inflicting disease, and tempting man to sin, and spreading false doctrine; appearing as an angel of righteousness which those so deceived cannot recognize, even those who were “once enlightened.”  Satan and his angels will be vanquished from the presence of God even as man, when Christ “delivers the Kingdom back to the Father.”  There was ONE who is and was known as the “Angel of the Lord” both in the Old Testament and New whose function was to use, select, and instruct those who would “become heirs of the adoption.” Hebrews 3:1-6

Man is still suffering from the delusion that he can defeat his arch enemy, Satan.  For we who are in theChurchofChrist, Christ has “bound Satan for a thousand years,” Revelations 20:1-4, but for denominationalism, this holds no hope.  They can and will be hopeless and helpless before the destruction of deceit by the master, himself, swearing all the time allegiance and love for the Christ who died for them!!  Now, about Adam.

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