What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 31

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Often questioned but never considered, the “mystery of the ages” or plan of God before time existed was set and established from the very inception. There was never a possibility that God had to alter His plan because of some UN-forseen departure from what He formulated from before the beginning. There were no “oops” nor “it might have beens” or “I wish I had not done or said this or that” with They who sat in the council of eternity. That this “mystery of the ages” was to be made known is shown completely in one of the names given Him whom we know as the Word! He is given the name of “messenger of the great council”!!
The silly question of whether God knew Adam would chose Eve over Him, or that Eve understood that because of her part in the deception of Adam she would suffer pain in child birth, or that there may have been a chance that Satan would not really be Satan is the wrong discussion. IT WAS ALL PLANNED!! Many will sing the plaintive melody that “God is not fair,” or “who could resist the plan made from eternity,” or “God cannot be serious about letting Himself be known as “Love” sending man to Hell from before his creation.” They who chant this requiem miss the whole beauty of such a “mystery kept secret from the foundations of the world.”!! What did Adam do?, should not even be questioned. Adam , Eve, Abraham , nor John the Baptist could NEVER have altered God’s plan. Man is silly thinking himself the essence of all of God’s works when he is but apart of the PLAN!!
Another very silly notion for the immature minds of the undeserving who will not study is could Christ not have died on the cross! Did He really second guess His position in Gethsemane when He cried ‘let this cup pass from Me!!?? When a plan is so-o-o perfect that nothing can or would be altered, it is too irrational to even consider an alteration to that plan!! To assume something, anything could have changed during any incident predestined as it was being played out is not to understood the Beings with whom we have to do!! It is not a matter of “could there have been,” or “what if,” or “can we just speculate” when you deal with His Majesty’s. All the inner workings of They who possesses this nature prove it is a false premise to even begin thinking They could have made a mistake!!
THE FIRST MISTAKE MADE, THEN, IS TO ASSUME THE IMPOSSIBLE!! What could Adam have had to do with anything but do what They knew He would do?? This is what is wrong, in part, with denominational ism!! Billy Graham thinks “it might be” possible to be saved WITHOUT being baptism; that some alteration to God’s plan JUST MIGHT change God’s mind ; someone JUST MIGHT be so holy and lovable to God that He or They just MIGHT alter what had been set in motion BEFORE any human being EVER EXISTED!! MIGHT BE’S ARE LIKE FAIRY TALES, they do not exist!!
Now, for the next eternal question. Where, then is choice? Since God is perfect, eternal, intending to never consult with we who can sin, only consulting with They who cannot; how could man ‘s sin be such an egregious default to God?? You have to already know that when this question is asked you already believe there is something faulty about this perfect of perfect plans. Secondly, just because choice is given within God’s dealings with man does NOT mean CHOICE could alter perfection any more than man (Adam, Eve, Daniel, or anyone else could alter perfection!! PERFECTION COULD AND WOULD NOT ALLOW THAT TO BE TRUE!! Creation with God was not a play toy. You are not thinking clearly. What about law diminishes choice? Choosing DID NOT change the plan it just changed the relationship between the one who chose and the plan, the plan stayed the same!! The problem is in the man who chooses, not the God who made the plan!! Adam did not change the plan when he sinned, he just became a sinner; the plan remained the same!! Example: I buy a car, I sign to make certain payments, I fail to make the payments on time. Did that change the contract, or did it just change my definition within the contract?
Before there was man there was redemption. Adam did not change God’s way, grace, plan to redeem mankind. Christ was going to die whether Adam sinned. Or did NOT sin. Redemption was not Adam. Adam just happened to be the first man who needed redeeming. What did Adam do then to the change the plan?—NOTHING, the plan was perfect BEFORE AND AFTER Adam sinned!!
Before there was sin there was a Savior, salvation, the Church of Christ-sin altered none of these!!

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