What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 34

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How far will sin take us? What will sin gain for us? What advantage is it to “die in sin” no matter how rewarding it may seem? Has sin ever made man who “died in sin” any greater in the eyes of this world than that that he was when born, sinless? What is the advantage for which all men should stake their soul’s destiny?? The type and anti-type explain the whole of God’s plan for man.
What DID sin change in the plan of God? Absolutely NOTHING! What change was wrought in the physical part of man of which mankind is responsible? Did man loose an arm, leg, eye, toe, or do not men possess all that the physical characteristics of Adam? Did sin change our inward physical anatomy? Does sin change our molecular structure? Was the first man (despite all the monkeys, apes, and bone parts scientist find in the earth) not exactly physically like men, today? Where is our next phase of evolution, we have been the same for 6,000 years??
Did sin change the way we were to enter into the world? Oh no!!, we have found out something in which we are not like Adam!! If there is one, maybe there is more!! Did sin cause man to desire woman or was that already commanded? Did sin cause man to be physically superior to women? Of course, the answer to all these questions is NOTHING CHANGED IN THE PLAN OF GOD!! Men and women were born of Adam and Eve before sin. They who were so born reproduced, built cities, established social order, and like Adam and Eve lived in this world before sin came. Genesis 4:14-17 Since Cain killed Abel, if Cain and Abel were the only two living species of humanity (as some would have you believe) , who would have been those Cain complained about who could have found Cain and killed him? Genesis 4:14 (By the way the third child recorded born was also a male-Seth.) From whom were the women born who lived in Nod? If you can’t find one, Cain did!! Genesis 4:17
Where did Cain’s wife come from? I can guarantee you she was not a trans-sexual!! When God created man and woman, of the two, which was first? If there was a first from whom came the second? Answer, the first!! The first then had to have been altered to be two instead of one, right? When the woman was made from man and had come from man, the first alteration in created humanity was fore-known, fore-planned, predestinated, was it not? If Eve came from Adam doesn’t that mess up the doctrine of inborn sin? Eve would have had to be the first sinner, wouldn’t she since she was born of Adam? You do agree that Eve came from Adam, don’t you? She was the first from Adam, was she not? She would have had to have been the first sinner since she was of Adam, right??
Did the whale, fowl, and all creation not begin to immediately reproduce when God commanded? Genesis 1:21-22 Note: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.” Adam and Eve did exactly the same thing or this would have been the first sin!! Adam and Eve obeyed!! Why all the fuss about Adam’s sin being first when Eve actually ate of the fruit, first? Was it not true that sin is sin? If the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was sin, why not blame Eve as well as Adam? If the apostle Paul by inspiration had not been so plain, would they have not made this a worse mess than they have made it? Eve was “in the transgression”, not the transgressor!! 1 Timothy 2:14
Nothing about the physical perfection called man changed when man sinned. Change had already been made!! Genesis 5:1-2 The change was Eve coming out of Adam, not Adam burdening everything from his body with sin!! Birth means to come forth from! Eve (the Church of Christ) was “taken from the side,” came forth from” the first Adam like Eve came from Adam in the operation of God. Colossians 2:11-13 That is a birth. We are “born of water and the Spirit” we come out of the water just like Eve came out of the side of Adam. It is called the “new birth”!! John 3:5, 1 John 2:29
Most think Adam was to physically to die, when he sinned, Adam didn’t!! We could never have had Eve had Adam sinned before she was created!! So Christ and the Church if Christ had not died?? Eve, the Church, could not have given birth before she was! We would not be!! How could Adam have died and later produced Cain, Abel, and Seth? If Christ had refused to die in the Garden (as some claim), Christianity would never have been!! Eve, the Church of Christ, was made FROM the side of Christ. If Christ had not died, He could not have resurrected to present His blood before His Father!!

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