What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 35

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Did Adam physically die when he sinned? Did God lie when He told Adam he would die when and if he sinned? Did Eve die the same time and for the same act as Adam? What did God mean when He told Adam he would die IF he ate the forbidden fruit?
Most people are of the opinion that God was telling Adam that the day he ate the forbidden fruit, that day he would physically die! That is NOT what God was telling Adam. Adam and Eve had begun the process of physical death from their creation. The moment we as human beings are conceived in the womb, we begin to die, physically!! Death is as natural to life as breathing, eating, or sleeping. This earthly body was never meant to exist, eternally!! Adam and Eve understood this. It was by this understanding that Satan convinced Eve to eat. When Eve told Satan about the covenant God had made with Adam (not Eve), “the day that you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that day thou shalt surely die,” Satan had found his way to Adam, it was Eve. Satan’s answer to Eve, in the original Hebrew was; “die, you are dieing already!” Eve knew she was dieing, what she had not seen WAS death!! TO KNOW SOMETHING, yet not seeing it, makes it a lot more difficult to understand!! You can tell a child “don’t touch eye on the stove when it is glowing red or it will burn you.” They hear you but sadly many times have to experience pain before they comprehend what you are telling them. Then, rationally, if you are “dieing already,” you might as well have what you want!! She ate! You have the right to ask “why, if Eve was not in covenant with God, did she turn up naked?” God’s law always works the way He says it will work, with or without you doing right or wrong!! A man or woman in illicit sexual acts WILL call into action the LAW of reproduction whether or not they have obeyed the command to marry. IGNORING GOD’S COVENANT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! Eat of the fruit, you will know you are naked-this was a fact, not a conditional RESPONSE!!
Now that she had eaten she had advantage over Adam. She KNEW for the forbidden fruit had “opened her eyes,” (a phrase that is used over and over in the scriptures, see Ephesians 1:18), and she had knowledge Adam did not have. What was she going to do with that knowledge? What seems like a moment of time in the Biblical narrative may have been much longer. She was NOT a sinner, the covenant was not made with Eve, only Adam. When Christ came “walking in the cool of the day” God calls out to Adam, Adam answered, NOT EVE!! God said to Adam, not Eve, “who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou (not you and Eve) eaten of the tree (it would not have been a sin for Eve to have eaten!) I command thee (not Adam and Eve) that thou shouldest not eat?” Genesis 3:11 Adam was not aware of all that had transpired between Satan and Eve, Adam was responsible to God in the covenant he had with God, as was Eve!! When God told them “to multiply and replenish the earth, why did He not tell Eve, “get the rest of the story from Adam—it was NOT a story for her!! Sure, they discussed the covenant Adam had with God, but she was no more apart of that covenant than was Satan if he had eaten of the tree!! When Christ gave Moses the 10 Commandments, He called all Israel together to declare the Covenant, Exodus 19:10-25, they avowed acceptance, NO GENTILE WAS UNDER THAT COVENANT!! Should we discuss physical circumcision?
Eve would NOW get to show her leadership abilities. Eve with her superior knowledge caused Adam to DO something. What was that something she caused Adam to DO?? She GAVE Adam the fruit!! Did Adam know it was the wrong fruit? Yes, What would she do with this knowledge? Paul interjects the message of the Holy Spirit given him to help us to better understand. What she did, Paul explains. “the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” 1 Timothy 2:14 Satan had not gone after Adam (we now know why) only Eve. Eve was deceived by Satan, Adam was not! Eve tells the story; “the snake deceived me.” Paul writes : “she was ‘in the transgression,” not apart of it!! An infant can be “in the worship service and never sin by not partaking of the Lord’s Supper.” Adam blamed God for giving him Eve, Eve blamed God for making the serpent smarter than she (2 Corinthians 11:3), and the snake was forced to eat dust the rest of his existence; only Adam sinned!!
The only time woman could teach man, she did not!! An original Greek text puts it this way; “nature cannot suffer woman’s rule.” MEN ARE TO PREACH THE GOSPEL, NOT WOMEN!!

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