What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 38

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Many study the fifth chapter of Romans when they consider Adam and his sin. Often they don’t see the overall purpose of Romans or the fifth chapter. The Jew had a argument with the Church of Christ over who the greatest and most important man to have ever lived. The Jew demanded a representative of their ancestry or the originator of their seed to be that man. Abraham not doubt was and is one of the important men of all time in the histories of man but in no sense comparable to Christ Jesus. Neither is anything done in time compare with the work of Christ. The sin of Adam, as important as it was, could not compare with the redemption in Christ. Sin is not comparable to righteousness.
“Through the sin of one.” Satan had been working to bring down the greatest of God’s creation, man. He had been looking for a way to bring them under his subjection as he had the angels who sinned. Adam, the un-approachable one, never seemed to entertain Satan. Eve, the last and most beautiful of all of God’s creative work was his door to Adam. Satan knew God in a way far superior to either Adam or Eve. Knowing God’s utter hatred for sin, he had to get Adam to sin. Eve could not sin in this fashion. The only way Eve could have sinned was to violate the covenant in which God included her; “multiply and replenish the earth.”Genesis 1:28 The amount of time spent with Eve shows the cunning and carefulness of the master of deceit. Adam had been given a law no other man had been given. It would become known as the “moral law.” Unlike other laws given by God at this time, the moral law did not involve the “law of the conscience.” Not detectable by man’s conscience, this sin could be committed by only one man! “ Adam’s transgression” was singularly and totally Adam’s for to Adam and Adam alone was the moral law of sin and death bound. (I fear repeating myself, but it seems many have overlooked this vital consideration!!) This is clearly seen by the fact that to Adam there was alone this possibility. God had told Adam (not Eve) “that the day he ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that day he died.” Genesis 2:17 I cannot say it often enough, Eve could NOT commit a sin when she was NOT apart of the covenant. This is extremely important in correcting the denominational lie of inborn sin. Since Eve was not accountable to God, if she ate of the tree, her eating would not have been a sin, she was merely “in the transgression.” If you violate a command that is apart of another Law of which you are not covenanted, you have not sinned. One major denomination, today, shows its misunderstanding of this principle, the Seventh Day Adventist. They try to make a command of the Law of Moses binding on the Church of Christ. This CANNOT BE DONE!! We do not and never have “kept the sabbath day holy.”
Listen to the text, again: “by one man sin entered into the world.” Romans 5:12 Can you imagine yourself the ONLY possibility for this sin? “Sin was not imputed when there is no law.” Imputed comes from the Greek word ellogeo and means to set to one’s account, lay to one’s charge. Interestingly, the Holy Spirit tells us this type of “sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law (covenant).” Romans 5:13 “The fruit (results) of Adam’s sin was in full glory and reigned from Adam until Moses,” why?, that sin was not done away, it had born the fruit (given Satan the “how to” to get man to sin, which prevailed and lorded over us. “The soul that sinned, died.”) How did this sin reign? “After the similitude of Adam’s transgression.” It was a certain KIND of sin. As man was separated from God when he sinned, the very sin of which Adam participated, was not a sin anyone else could commit. There was NO moral Law so sin or one of this kind which would separate us from God from!! It was not until the sabbath command that such a law again existed-and again ONLY to those to whom it was given!! No man who was not of the covenant of Moses could commit a sin by violating the sabbath day command!! No man AFTER the nullification of the Law of Moses could sin violating the fourth commandment in the Decalogue!! Only one nation, one part of that nation-the male, not woman, could violate that command!! What would happen if a woman under the Law of Moses violated the sabbath command? Nothing, she was not covenanted nor did she have the evidence of that covenant, circumcision!! If Eve was not covenanted, the woman of Israel, and all Gentiles were not covenanted, it would follow that all those who broke a covenant because of the law of sin and death, Romans 8:2 It had to be broken, not inherited!!

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