What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 40

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Christ paid down far more than He owed for our soul, spirit, and body. As much more as the illimitable ocean is than a drop of water so our Lord’s price paid at Calvary was greater than the sin committed by Adam. Let NO man conceive self-worth on his part for the salvation that is “in Christ Jesus our Lord”!! Oh! Man, think not own the results of one sin and what it has wrought. Inquire how that mere spark of death and sin VANISHES, when you consider the sea of gifts that were brought in by the blood of God’s Only Begotten Son!! As the apostle Paul wrote; “we who have received abundance of grace and righteousness shall reign in life.” If for that one offense all were made sinners what would be the result of that one act of love?? Romans 5:18
When Adam sinned all men were made mortal, the process of transmutation was stopped, man had no end but separation from God; BUT when Christ died on the cross all men are made the righteousness of God!! The way into sin was the means of understanding the way into righteousness, BY ONE MAN!! As when one man sinned the path of deceit and death was shown unto Satan so by the death of God’s Son the means of life and righteousness was made known!! We who are “of Him” are to be made “like Him” who is the righteousness of God!! How could it follow that by the disobedience of one many were made sinners, does a man who has never sinned deserve the punishment of sin? Finding the key that unlocked the door to man’s weaknesses, Satan marched man past the plan of God to destroy all men by the same deception. The sinless deserve NO PUNISHMENT. If it were not for our own sin that separates our soul from God, man would not have become something “unnatural”! (It amazes me that to ask 9 out of ten people about the natural state of man, they answer that man’s natural state is SIN. This is not SO! Just like man’s natural end is not to become a “joint heir” with Jesus Christ!!) We are so far from taking spiritual death and condemnation from the sin of Adam as we are from being made righteous from the physical sacrifice of Jesus Christ!! It is far more reasonable that many should find life in one man”s act than that many should find death by one! The condemnation of Adam’s sin had the results determined only on one man’s soul but the obedience of Christ is not comparable to that one sin. His sacrifice wrought blessings to all who lived, both before they committed sin and afterward!! Life in Christ is far
Here are some facts: it is far better that we became mortal, for had we continued our transmutation and gained our immortal coil, how, where, and when could we be “resisted unto death,” restrained ourselves as sinners, and showed the magnanimous God of love our determinations of appreciation toward His grand and glorious plan?? It is from and in this mortal coil that the tempering of our desires and passions are restrained, it is in this body that the deaths of the martyrs and apostles were given, and in this earthly body that we have had opportunity to become like God!! For so in this body Abel was justified, Abraham was rewarded for sacrificing his only begotten son, the three children of Israel were glorified for submitting to the fires of Nebuchadnezzar, the prophet Daniel shown the “plan of the ages” before it became a reality, and the holy apostles were consigned to martyrdom before they were converted to Christ, and you and I have the invitation to “come back to the Father”!! After this body, immortality awaits!! This life has become sort of a school, we have come under instruction by means of disease, tribulation, temptation, and poverty readying us for perfection. We shall have gained, by being obedient unto death, our scars and advancements because of God’s demand of righteousness; so we by becoming obedient may prepare ourselves for that grand entrance afforded us into that “eternal kingdom” awaiting the righteous in that world to come!!! For IF we “die in the Lord” not even Satan himself will be able to hurt us, for we have “passed from death unto life!!” We may have even become fit for our reception as the adopted sons and daughter’s in the presence of the Almighty! “For who has known the mind of the Lord” or who has been His counselor? Oh!, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out!” Romans 11:32-34 Don’t dare compare the sin of Adam to the plan of righteousness and the mystery of the Almighty!!
“Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound, but where sin abounded…” Romans 8:20

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