What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 47

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It is because of ignorance concerning what the nature of those called God entails, for man to entertain the false notion called “inborn sin.” For any to think one man or millions of men could have changed the plan “from before the beginning of all things!!” demands man humanizing God. And man-made religion is intent on trying to make God the same as man. For man does not know the end from the beginning. nor are any of our plans without flaw. Acts 15:18;Romans 3:3 We diminish the greatness and overlook the purpose for the origin of our species by not realizing the great God who made us had a plan BEFORE anything began. It is man who goes to war before “counting the cost”! Luke 14:28 One true text is not often realized: “from the beginning it was not so!” Matthew 19:8
When God/Christ created man, He was not running a scientific experiment, He was not practicing, nor was He playing out a hunch. There was no gaming in His creation nor trial and error! What He began He intended to complete!! Christ did not just HOPE He could best Satan, He that created Satan knew what Satan did not nor could not know. This tenant of atheism was never considered or entertained as possible until man began to humanize they who bore the nature called God!! You see, God cannot fail, He cannot not know, He cannot even consider failure. The realization of this truth is a “game changer” while the assumption of the opposite supposition allows one “ever to learn but never to NEVER arrive at the knowledge of the truth.” 2 Timothy 3:7 God committed Christ to die before there was death, knew Christ would be virgin born of Mary before there was woman, planned Calvary before there were trees, perfected His plan of procreation before there was creation, thoroughly completed His “mystery” before there was a planet, confirmed the plan of salvation before there was sin, and married the Church of Christ before there was humanity-nothing was or is a surprise, nothing caused Him to change His plan in the middle of the stream, and no one that was mortal could change the Immortals!! The very premise of inborn sin denies the deity of God demanding Him human!!
Denominationalism is happy with “inborn sin” because man could not conceive of immortality. Man’s length of existence denies him the very concept of endlessness. With man, even under controlled circumstances, cannot bring to perfection a plan. More especially, allowing those who are involved, choice!! Man could not conceive of Law, is is opposite his nature; all man knows is desire, and that someone other than man has to fulfill it!! Concepts so far beyond our abilities could NEVER consider with our abilities that we could alter, stop, or amend They who had no possibility of sin!! Man had to even be taught that there was such a thing as sin, that it would separate man from God, and that it is apart of our nature, only. When MAN taught his principles, some atheist devised a Law from the study of God’s inferior species. Which species, created by God needs NO punishment (another interesting concept) to help them do what is best for their species? God is too far and wonderful and so beyond our species that man who tired of finding Him among his own was revealed His Will and majesty-then translated into written and verbal institutions devised by the God who created man so man could hopefully please Him!! Not only did God plead with man through the offices of prophets of old time, He finally had to remember man whom He had created, by sending one of His nature to die so He could establish justice! Romans 3:25 So, God declared sin, then had to reveal a Law to define sin, and man, whom He had created, denied God’s discipline writing creeds and manuals to govern themselves, these showing man a copy cat, instead of a creator!! Finally, man is his eloquence and blithering wisdom devised false theories, calling one of them evolution, which further insulted the magnificence of a mind man could not enjoy, only fear. Isaiah 45:7-8
Creation, then was not the undoing of God’s Will, it is the expression of the same! Man, who was but one part of this great scheme called creation, could never be expected to alter nor eradicate this work of perfection. Adam would never be thought or considered to have changed, challenged, or derailed the work God, who performed this act of creation without the consent of the created, demanded without conscience (another interesting concept not devised by man). Creation is the work of another type of species. This Being, gave us what is called life (not yet understood). Man neither devised, created, nor consented to life. Man strives, only at his best, to obey this “mystery.” !!

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Joe David Wilson

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