What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 48

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To be taught that “perfection would create imperfection” is the final argument in this series. God did not make a mistake in purpose, judgment, or wisdom! For someone to teach He did is to align themselves with atheism! Inborn sin is such an alignment. All things that pertain to Deity describe perfection is its most valid description. Help me find out in the following discussion just where God made a mistake in wisdom, purpose, or creation!
God put the Garden in Eden, it did not grow there by luck, its rivers and beauty just did not come about, or was not beautiful beyond description by mistake! God made Adam as Adam and Eve so when He operated on Adam all men would understand He would have had a purpose in making Adam this way. Eve was not a mistake in God’s judgment!! Adam and Eve were commanded to “multiply and replenish the earth” long before Eve, who was seduced by Satan, seduced Adam; and he ate. Child birth did not come about 9 months after Adam ate the forbidden fruit!! Eve would have had no way to understand the change announced in childbirth if it had not before Adam’s sin been different. Childbirth is no course change made because of an opps!! It was no mistake that the forbidden fruit was beautiful, looked delicious, and met the requirements for “making one as wise as God,” instead of hideous looking, smelly, and startling to behold. God made the fruit before He made Adam, before Adam became Adam and Eve, made it to satisfy the requirement Satan dramatized to Eve! Have we found something done accidental, yet? Choice was not a mistake, God was not looking for a challenge when Adam ate the fruit, He had, before the creation of the world married Christ to His Church, perfected the plan of salvation, which includes the new birth patterned after physical childbirth as a means of bring Christ into the world to save mankind!! We could go on and on but nothing made by perfection has the least hint of surprise, course change, or God being caught off guard!!
And NO, no man or woman was MADE against their will, desire, or intelligence to be a ploy for God—that is Satan’s trick–when God’s wisdom is so much superior to man’s intelligence, mand can not be expected to comprehend what God was doing until man could be developed to comprehend God’s “mystery”!! Everything happened exactly as God in His wisdom planned it!! Eve, remember was the one who worked on Adam, not God! The first sacrifice was not a mistake, it was “according to plan.” God killed something that was alive to clothe Adam and Eve, leaves (something of or from the earth) were shown never enough for God, the Father. The pattern was set, immediately. That sacrifice of the innocent for the guilty was the process of salvation showing Christ WOULD (again, by His choice) DIE so His blood, being fore pictured in the sacrifice, would be the ONLY thing that could COVER man’s sin! Have we found yet where Satan “pulled the wool over God’s eyes or bested our Maker”?? Inborn sin is man’s given explanation which makes God equal to man. For man made religion creeds and catechisms, teach their aspirants–God too can make mistakes!! This is their doctrine(s), they all teach it. Sure, opportunity abounded in every incident to change what actually took place. God NEVER staged these incidents to take place. Just because God’s wisdom and intelligence is so much more advanced than man’s, man freely acting in concert to what God beforehand KNEW, does not make God the author of man’s sin!! Man is just not smart enough to catch on without God getting on the level (as far as God’s intelligence is concerned, Isaiah 45:8) of a moron to explain to man what and how man violated the most precious of confidences. Yes, and at the moment man sinned, God could announce the solution to man’s problem that would happen some 5,000 years (years had not even happened, yet) beyond this most horrible incident!!
Some quote Jeremiah 32:35; “I commanded them not, neither came it into My mind…” as proof that God did not KNOW all things. There are some things God, I am sure, does not understand. One, is why you question Him, He has never been wrong. His prophecies all come to pass EXACTLY as He had recorded. When your Mind and Wisdom is so far greater than they with whom you deal, so that God in His PLAN has the solution to such hideousness that His mind would not, NOT could not comprehend, because His mind does not go to such depths, and still amply covers the depths of man’s depravity, how can you question what He knows or does not know??

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