What Happened in the Garden of Eden? Part 7

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Man, like Adam, sins by choice.  It is easier to see the difference in the error in judgment of Adam than that of ourselves, but we all make the same mistake.  What would have happened if Adam had chosen to stay in fellowship with God and not Chosen Eve?  That Adam “counted the cost” before he so readily (it seemed a split second decision) chose Eve, is not known, but we all have made maddening decisions and we did not consider nor did we understand the ramifications of our decision.  What seems so “right” at the start sometimes works out so “wrong.”  Count the cost!!

Would you or I have made the decision Adam made?  We have, if we are older than the age of accountability!!  It is interesting to me that everybody jumps on Adam as the most disreputable man to have ever lived and never themselves in him.

Who was the first, Adam or Eve? Genesis 5:1-2   Adam was complete and needed nothing before the separation of Eve (there are two separate Hebrew words that describe the creation of Adam and the creation of Eve)?  Were they lonely or ALONE??  What did God declare not good (as God ordained)? Genesis 2:17   It was the plan of God before time to bring the Churchof Christinto existence and this plan demanded pro-creation.  Adam needed a helper.  The “sleep” of death shows us THE WAY God determined later in Christ!!  Did not Eve come from the side of Adam?  Did not the Churchof Christcome from the side of Christ?? John 19:34   Before separation God sent Adam into the created animal kingdom to find himself a mate.  “There was NONE like unto man.”  Bestiality (sexual activity with lower animals) was never an option with God!! Genesis 2:18   Some say there are members of the body of Christ in denominationalism, how is that possible since they have never KNOWN Christ??  Was not Christ “in the world, and the world “knew” Him not.” John 1:10.  (Adam “knew” Eve and they had Cain and Abel)   Did not Christ come into this world (creation) among man to spiritually marry the Churchof Christ? Ephesians 5:25   How many wives did Adam have??  How many does Christ have??  What are the other churches that exist, are they not from the “beast of the field”??  They had to be by someone other than Christ!!  They are not married to somebody, they just “join” their churches, and they take on a name that describes to whom they “joined”!!  When a woman is married she wears her husband’s last name, when she procreates like other animals she just changes partners??  Christ and the Church are married!! Romans 7:4   Shacking up (joining) is like animals!!

     Some of our brethren worry about capitalizing the word “church” on letterheads or signs—is not the Church, Assembly, House something special?  WasIsrael ever spelled with a small i?, Hebrews 3:2-6), how about Mrs.??   Is not the Mrs. usually capitalized in English??  Does not her name describe a relationship??

Adam was created as a two beings in one-the same thing that is always mentioned about Christ.  He is the son of God and the son of Man, the lamb and the lion, the servant and master of all, the root of David and the word of God, the author and finisher and I could keep going on.  Was Adam the subject of temptation or was it the “weaker” creation that Satan deceived??  Eve was the azer connecto, the Ebenezer, the stone of help made by Christ to carry out the plan of the Father in pro-creation.  Is this not the role of the Church of Christ??  When she told Adam what to do, did it not end up in tragedy??  I am trying to point out very clearly that Adam chose Eve over God!  Let us make sure we do not do the same!!  We cannot “choose” another “church of our choice” that we can “join” and think we belong to the Bride of Christ!!  

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Joe David Wilson

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