What Happened in the Garden of Eden?

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Adam, the first man/woman showed Satan our “soft spot.”  It is impossible to tell how long Satan worked on mother Eve, but he did not stop until he got the answer he was seeking—man can be enticed with what he thinks is more important than live.  From then until now man has suffered the consequences of this discovery.

Denominationalism has tried explaining the consequences of Adam’s sin as physical death. Physical death is as much as apart of our nature as is birth.  Sure, Adam died, but also do all who are human.  Death is as much a part of our nature as hunger.  The more rebellious to the law God has set for man to obey, the more fiendish and disobedient we become is not the sign of a real man, it is the sign of a man that is still selfish and immature!!    

Some have said the sin of Adam changed our nature leaving all of mankind the subjects of Adam’s sin.  The only sin for which Adam will ever answer will be his own just like the only sins for which we will answer will be our own.  Again, all the sin of Adam accomplished was the roadway to our weakness which Satan has traveled on ever since.  Denominationalism has taught that ALL of mankind is totally depraved, incapable of any good and if not for the grace of God (which they define as salvation by choice, not by obedience) man could not and would not have any possibility of salvation. Salvation is just being lucky.  They have reasoned that each saved person has been predestinated, or chosen beforehand and that, indescriminately.  Solely and totally by the inerrant selection of God, they tell us man is a victim instead of a recipient of the wondrous glory given him, that man must receive a miraculous and wondrous experience so he can prove to all others he is a part of the eternally predetermined that are to be saved.  And people have believed this as gospel!!  Did Adam cause this??     This violated the principles of fairness, equality, and reason which SO MUCH is apart of the nature of God and makes God a villain instead of our glorious creator!!

MAN DID NOT INHERIT SIN, all he inherited from Adam was life by the means of pro-creation!!  The action of pro-creation was not Adam’s choice, it was by command-“multiply and replenish the Earth.”  Cain was not made to sin, he was not chosen to sin; Cain sinned because his heart was contrary to God’s Law and would not yield to obedience.  Abel, his twin brother, had a heart that was prone to obedience and for this difference Abel lost his life.  Cain was then driven from the society that then existed near the Garden of Eden and was cursed from the Earth!!  Cain was a farmer—now that was immulating Adam!!  It was Cain, not Adam, to which the Earth would not yield (Hebrew word nathan which meant to shoot up, come out of the grown- yielded) her strength-substance, wealth.  Cain was then forced, not Adam, to be a fugitive (wonder up and down, be a gypsy, never settling down long enough to sow and harvest) and a vagabond (one who wonders about).  Cain’s cry was one of remorse, not true repentance.  He was overwhelmed by the severity of his sentence, not Adam’s, but was not sorry for his crime.  He was selfish and now deprived of all material belongings (he never had a front door) and driven into the wilderness, an area east of Eden.  Cain was afraid that some of the descendants of Adam would find him and exact revenge for there were many more of them than just him.  Did Adam cause this??

One would think, would they not, that since Cain was so close to Adam, Cain would have been a picture of the “Adamic Nature” would you not??  Wonder what “nature” of Adam Abel had??  It is hard to make denominationalism work with the Bible!!

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