I AM that I AM Part 2

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When speaking of the great I Am, the Scriptures speak of His divinity. Divinity is a description of His nature, power, might, and strength. When speaking of His being He is always referred to as spiritual. Spiritual beings are the only beings before creation and are completely unique and rare in the vastness of thought and construction; they had no limits or barriers, nor did they lack anything-they were complete and whole in themselves and equal in all the ways by which man can measure domain. Also, they are eternal-never in any imagination or thought, description of entity nor inference of reality was it ever conceived that divine beings were described as anything but present, being, existing, never having begun even IF they never had anything from which to begin!! We have not much said upon this incomprehensible theme; for who by searching can find out God, or know the Almighty to perfection? “The knowledge of Him is as high as the heavens: what canst thou do? Deeper than hell: what canst thou know? The measure thereof is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea.” Job 11:7-10
Paul and Peter indeed speak of the divine nature in the abstract (they are conceptual rather than concrete—hence there is no real way, in man’s experiences of life, to describe them), or in a way that attempts to describe the divinity or godhead. These are the most abstract terms found in the Bible. Eternity and divinity are, however, equally abstract and almost equally rare in the Holy Book. Still, they are necessarily found in the divine volume; because we must abstract nature from person before we can understand the remedial system- we relegate each a ROLE-PLAYING identity to understand which member did what!! For the divine nature may be communicated or imparted in some sense; and, indeed, while it is essentially and necessarily singular, it is certainly plural in its personal manifestations of the three that have this type nature. That is why they are named the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Though they are equally divine, they are personally-individually distinct from each other. We have, in fact, but one God, one Lord, one Holy Spirit; yet these are equally possessed of one and the same divine nature.
Some conceive of God as a mathematical unit; one in three. As a mathematical unit, some religious groups have thought it impossible these three cannot exist as one—separate, distinct, totally independent of each other. We often consider the unities that exist in a happily married couple!! Man has thought a Being with the nature of God cannot be both mathematically singular and plural—one and three, at the same time and in the same sense, they have denied the true and proper divinity of the Son of God and the Spirit of God. Yet, they seem to understand marriage!! They reason not in harmony with the sacred style of inspiration. But why should we imagine that there cannot be a plurality of personal manifestations in the divine nature any more that in the angelic or human; especially as man was created in the image of God?? Or in another way of expressing this truth; as man is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and multi-definable (father, man, son, husband, head, and on and on), so can God. As man cannot be cross-dimensional neither can God—that is, Christ cannot at the same time be both His own Father and Himself as some try to think when they struggle with the “one in the Godhead” idea. How could Jesus pray to His Father and be praying to Himself?? Why should we imagine that there cannot be a plurality of personal manifestations- roles- functions participated in by those of the divine nature any more than in the angelic or human, especially as man was created in the image of God?? Why would that not be considered a likeness??

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