I AM that I AM Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Bible Study on God's Name "I AM that I AM"

There are many things we can write about our “big” Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. If sixty six books written by the inspiration we will never touch the hem of the garment, how could we do more?? “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.” John 21:25 How, then, could it be expected that more be written that could or would be more definitive?? That is not our purpose—our purpose is/was to aid those who are disposed to read this effort to a greater appreciation of Him for whom the word ALL cannot begin to describe—either in power, wisdom, glory, love, commitment–here words begin to fail!! No might or power could ever begin to match His story which began before there was ever anything and will never end when He who was and is might end, which He cannot, because He is life.
The incomprehensible story of the love He had and has for Him who ignited a string of incidents that Christ made real and existent is beyond human reasoning. What a concept! What a plan! What a Savior!! That a Being so far removed from need or desire could possess such a “heart” that could include the creation and re-creation of all who will prove their love for Him and those whom He loved, and that another of His kind could be so humble to never even have His name known after writing 66 books about His Fellow with whom He was/is equal. Who, after finishing this work of communication, would take on the molding and re-making of that blood-bought humanity, for whom the world was made, Himself being the second of the nature called God to work, live, and fight with beings so inferior to His nature, being so much far greater, no comparison could ever be drawn that could express equity. This must be or should be impossible, seeing we recently came from sin, having left the comforts of “home with God” for a lesser being than ourselves, created-that had a beginning as we, who has done nothing since he went blind with hate for all that is good and holy, doing nothing but destroy what He, who10 from whom this began as thought, conceived!! Our damnation, which could NEVER affect His person, place, or being, became His agony. He spends the existence between two eternities in what is called time, fighting with we who do not even know we are our own worst enemies!! We have become His tireless passion, one that only a being with the nature called God would ever undertake, never daunted, dismayed, ready to quit, or deny “that which He began in us, He must finish,” which He WILL finish, unless we pull out of the race that has been set before us with an insult that can’t and won’t ever say—“Thanks”!! Working tirelessly without benefit to His person, His name is used mockingly in modern denominationalism. They even make a division among those in Christianity, stealing the hearts of those who would follow His beloved Christ, justifying their existence by claiming a power for their experiences and mumblings, from this Great Spirit who has never been anything but true to the cause, as their source.
This I AM that I AM, Oh! What a glorious Being!! and to think we would NEVER have known Him had it not been for the selfless, predetermined, predestined chief resident of Heaven who intends to share ALL that He has and is with the disgusting creation that began with such promise, who wound up killing His only begotten Son in a place in the Hebrew tongue called Armageddon, choosing a reprobate, drunk with blood, in His place!! Thinking this destroyed the “mystery,” man found out 53 days later how this WAS in fact the plan, mystery “hidden from the foundations of the world.”!! On that day, the day of Pentecost, the apostle Peter UTTERED that that had been hidden!!

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