I AM that I AM Part 7

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Bible Study on God's Name "I AM that I AM"

And now the purpose for creation becomes apparent, now the reason for God, the Word becoming a high priest is fulfilled (priest comes from the Hebrew word “cohen” which means bridge builder), now all that the Father ever intended is reality, for NOW the Church of Christ will come into existence!! “And to make all men see (understand, know, comprehend) what is the fellowship (all three who possess the nature called God working together—(what a wonderful plan it is which requires the entirety of Deity) to bring about the mystery (the plan of the Father become reality and really exist) so man who had sinned, who had no way to remedy that default in his character—could enter an institution, the “called out who had now been made citizens” that would entitle the damned, because of unforgiven sin, forgiveness and inheritance in what the Father had conceived millenniums before, in His new creation, which had been bought by the blood of His only begotten Son, His fellow Deity.
God, the Father had a plan, God, the Son—called the Word, volunteered to bring that plan into existence, and God, the Spirit would communicate this plan so “whosoever will” obey from their hearts that form of doctrine, they can be added to sinless humanity, reserved in Paradise. Until the Father has had enough of the unrepentant and ended the “scheme of redemption” without apology or needed explanation, bringing the end of “time” and the beginning of sinless glorification for the newly elected “heirs of righteousness” He has united the “family in Heaven and on Earth,” forever and ever!!
Before this revelation of “the mystery,” God, the Word, had been treated with unbelievable hatred, cursed, spit on, and taunted. Those to whom He came rejected Him in a terrible show of disrespect for One who had healed their sick, given sight to their blind, physically fed their sons and daughters, and on and on; yet without thought to any received kindness, men and women reviled, mocked His name and character, even showed no respect for His mother, nor care for untold kindnesses He had openly and freely given. On the day of Pentecost, when He rightfully could have repaid them for their insults, He joyously gave these same peoples the message that would save their souls and that of their children who were accountable.
Unfortunately, we who have been “invited” into His Kingdom, have treated Him and His authority worse. Yet every time if we are humble and repentant, we can go by Him to His Father, He takes us into the presence of a Being we do no even the right to be in the same room with—and ask Him the desires of our hearts without restraint!! This is the “eternal purpose” the Father had in Christ Jesus, His Son. He has told us the reason WHY! “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither My ways, your ways.” This makes it clear that God is just different, better, beyond our abilities to understand—while at the same time make us determined to be more like Him every day we are privileged to live so someday we can spend the rest of our existence with a Being of such majesty. Often, we never consider our blessings—we do not understand how to not be selfish!!
Finally, God, the Father has, through His Son, Christ given us the way to live “before Him in love.” The Old Testament Jew could never “touch the hem of His garment” because nothing was theirs that would allow them to change, to become like, to have the mind of God!! We do!! Again, He, the Holy Spirit, is blessing us with His great ability to understand the Father so we can express to Him what we need. When we cannot express this in the way the Father desires, He even over-rides our control mechanisms with our will and not against our will and never brags, foolishly!!

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