Introducing the Church of Christ Part 2

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Every real thing has limits or characteristics peculiar to itself. These make up its identity; they distinguish it from other real things. A block of lead and a block of wood may have the same dimensions, but they differ in other characteristics and cannot be called identical simply because they are the same size!! Things in the same category are not necessarily interchangeable merely on the basis of that they are in the same category. To say another church started by some man or woman are equal to and the same as the Church bought by the blood of Christ on Calvary’s tree contradicts everything that defines anything that can be defined. Men and women are in the same category and are not necessarily interchangeable merely on the basis of the fact they are Human Beings. One cannot say a man, because he is a human being, should be equal to the woman and vice versa. They are seen to be different by what defines them physically, socially, and spiritually. Are, just because a woman can lead a beautiful public prayer does not mean she can lead the congregation of Christ’s Body in prayer when we assemble. Each sex has its own characteristic features and these limit/bar males from being female and female from being male. Men are men but when one has “obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine delivered”, he has entered into a different relationship with Deity and for the first time can obligate Jesus Christ to take him into the presence of the Ancient of Days for communication with the Heavenly Father. Alien sinners have no high priest, no intercessor, no advocate, and no friend at the Bar of Heaven who can put them in the position to so address the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! Just because a sinner, estranged from the fellowship of God because of un-forgiven sin can speak audible words, does not mean that God the Father will entertain his words!!
Within the more restricted category of maleness, there are individual characteristics which limit one man from being another man. One man’s hand is different from all other hands; each fingerprint excludes all other fingerprints. The limits of each real thing serves to exclude every other thing from it even if they be in the same category!! If we destroy the limits which characteristics define anything, we destroy its individual identity!! Burn off a man’s fingertips and you destroy the most vital way to define him as a certain certain human being. When one thinks anyone can become a Christian anyway they FEEL or THINK and ignores what distinctively describes a Christian from any other human being, one will destroy any sense or way of determining what it means to be a Christian!! Denominationalism has had a massive campaign for the past 500 years to confuse and mingle to insensitivity any distinction which would separate a Christian from a “want a be” who will not or has not “obeyed from the heart that FORM (emphasis mine) of doctrine, plan of salvation, or means of entrance into His Kingdom. Jesus Christ demands of ALL WHOM HE ADDS TOI HIS CHURCH, AND REMEMBER, IT IS HE WHO DOES THE ADDING, NOT SOME ASSOCIATION OF MEN!!
As to the identity of a matter. The Church, since it is not like anything else and nothing else is like it, is exclusive!! It is no more to be censured for this exclusiveness than is the block of wood t0o is blamed for not being a block of lead. The Church is exclusive because of WHAT IT IS and WHO BOUGHT HER!! There is NO OTHER religious institution that exist whose originator, founder, instigator, and sovereign gave His life to bring her into existence!! NO OTHER!! Name the church, name its founder.

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