Introducing the Church of Christ Part 5

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Jesus Christ “adds to the church”. Many tell of the “relationship” they have with Christ, yet they belong to a man-made church. They think it nothing to condone, support, and strengthen a denomination when in fact that said man-made church competes with Christ for the souls of mankind! Denominations are filled with many peoples, various special interest groups, and theological doctrines but none of them our Lord will add to any a saved man or woman!!! Wonder why?? Being in a modern denomination does not equate with being in the Church the Lord will add one to because their plans of obedience does not equate with what Christ commanded: “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; he that believeth not shall be damned. Mark 16:16
Occasionally, one of those who belong to a denomination hear enough gospel preaching to learn the truth about Christ plan of salvation, and be a strange quirk of fate, they convince themselves they too have been scripturally baptized. It is much easier to teach one who has had water sprinkled on them that their baptism is not really baptism at all, but one who has been immersed has a lot more difficulty. They think some way they have obeyed Christ after hearing a denominational theology. This is equal to learning French and declaring yourself a master in Biology, but somehow, they have convinced themselves the miraculous still exist!! They usually come up with this statement: “my understanding maybe was not what the pastor understood, but I was baptized right” First, if this could be true, why did not the Lord add them to His Church, why did they “join” the one of their choice?? Would Christ be so dilatory as to not add them to His Church IF they had “obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine”??? If you were the gospel preacher who was responsible for their souls, would you “accommodate, appease, or not bring up something that would be disconcerting” to these poor lost souls?? Sometimes, these people have vivid recollections of their being “baptized into Christ” in their old Church. Again, I must ask the question: “why did not Christ add them to His Church?? Is God a respecter of persons?? Does Christ just add the BEST of the lost to His Church and leave the rest to “join” any one they chose?? Is it not true that in their old Church they never even heard of baptism for the remission of sins?? How can you obey what you have never been taught?? Some more demanding might even propose: “when I was baptized I KNEW I was being baptized FOR THE REMISSION OF SIN. Again, I must ask: “did Christ lay down on the job, or is He a respecter of persons?? You rightfully say, NO, and that I agree, but what happened, why did you “join” some man-made Church, why did not Christ ADD YOU TO HIS CHURCH?? Acts 2:47 will stand the test of the judgment, will your denominational baptism?? Are you going to tell Jesus Christ that He made a mistake when He put you in that denominational fellowship?? IF, if they were wrong about the church they chose and “joined” is it not as likely they were wrong about their baptism??? If this person is as sincere as it is always reported of him, why can he not simply start all over, to be sure HE IS RIGHT??
But is it possible for a person to come to an understanding of the truth in regard to the plan of salvation, persuade a denominational preacher to baptize him for the remission of sins, and then mistakenly become a part of a denomination?? Some have re-written what they in fact actually DID because after hearing the gospel they cannot reason WHY they would not have obeyed exactly what they NOW are hearing!! Again, I have to ask another question: are there any saved in denominational bodies??

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Joe David Wilson

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