Introducing the Church of Christ

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The Church of Christ is exclusive-the special and only realm of the saved on earth-and cannot be otherwise. There are some who will think this claim egotistic and repulsive; they only have to study the subject a little more and they will find this claim true and given by Deity.
The Bible teaches there is but ONE FAITH, Ephesians 4:5. That faith has been ONCE and for all delivered to the saints. Jude vs 3 It is carefully and fully delineated in the pages of the New Testament and is, therefore, identifiable. Since for His Church God has made such claims, because of the credibility of that Church God has made the Church SO definitely definable and distinguishable that no one looking for truth can not find her!! There is NO JUSTIFICATION for anyone to invent or adopt systems of belief other than the faith fully described in God’s Book. God did not leave Himself an unfinished document that man would have to add to or take from so as to complete it; He did not leave Himself evasive or contradictory so man would have to improve on its wording later; neither did He have His Word written by just any person or persons-the Word of God was WRITTEN BY MEN WHO WERE INSPIRED!! Inspiration ceased by 80 AD so document written after that date would bear the inscription ‘Inspired by God’!! IF men devise religious systems apart from the faith once for all delivered, Jude vs 3, they have not succeeded in creating a NEW faith; they have in fact succeeded in creating NO faith!! To produce documents that claim inspiration when it was impossible for inspiration to be, to produce works that compete with God’s masterpiece showing ultimate disrespect for the authority of God, or to write creeds, manuals, disciplines, or church beliefs that are outside, contradict, and refute Inspiration is the most diabolical of schemes to deceive men and send to a Christ-less-grave!! Creeds, manuals, prayer books, and the like destroy the Divine singularity, namely the Word of God by attempting to compete with it!! Again, when one departs for the faith-producing-Word of God they can have a NO FAITH for the Book that produces Faith is the Book they have sought to change!! As insulting as it seems, these religious denominations are the very people who have SO much to say about FAITH. They do not adhere to the principle laid down in 1 Peter 4:11 and are, therefore, something different from the faith that is based on and completely respects God’s Will!!
We cannot argue the sameness of A, B, C, and D. for they are obviously not identical either in form or function (if they were identical they would not have different letters that represent them). If A were B and B were C they would not exist as anything different to each other, they would exist as the SAME, but then they would not be lettered differently. It might be true that they are all letters of the alphabet and are, the, in the same category, but no one would think them the exact same otherwise they would not receive different notations that describe them. No A is anything but an A, A is not B. No A is B, right? Religion is a category. Buddhism, Shintoism, Muslimism, nor Judaism is Christianity though they all are in the category called religion. At least Judaism and Christianity were ordained by God, in that they alone are alike. Christianity replaced Judaism, which was taken out of the way in the cross of Christ. Christianity remains the ONLY revealed religion FROM God, ORDAINED of God, and INSPIRED of God. If New Testament Christianity is represented by A, other systems in the general category of religion, whether living or dead, may be represented only by B, C, D, E and the like. There is A, and there are multiple NON-A’s, they are not the same

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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