Legalism vs Liberalism Part 13

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The Army of God fights “the good fight of faith to lay hold of eternal life.” 1 Timothy 6:12 When one “lays hold” of something, we take possession of, attain; rescue from peril, succor, it becomes our most pressing thing to which we aspire, our only goal in life. Whatever we had when we came into this world, we challenge nothing as a debt to anything that is due us, for naked came we into the world and naked we shall return. Everything we have had since, we are obliged to the providence of God for it; but He that gave may take what and when He pleases. We have had our beings, our bodies, our lives provided us, care taken of us, having been fed with food convenient to us; therefore let us trust in God for the remaining part of our lives. A shroud, a coffin, and a grave: these are all that the richest man in the world can have from his millions of dollars, we should not covet these, for they are not much when compared to that realm for which we reach! All these, we must leave behind. What we will not leave behind is what we have sown. Because God gives us the necessary supports of life, we ought to be content therewith, though we have not the ornaments and delights we have gained, but as the Psalmist cries out; “Give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me.” Psalms 30:8
Those who set their hearts on the wealth of this world, who care not for right or wrong, will “fall into temptation and a snare.” 1 Timothy 6:9 That for which they have spent all their time sowing, none will reap from them the benefit we yearn, eternal life. If we do not understand our place and position in this world as the ambassadors of another world to come, we will make this mischievous world the final goal for all our living. These things “drown men in destruction and perdition,” they are worthless when the exchange comes; for all we have, we will present to the Trader-at-the-gate in hopes to receive what He has for we have used what time He has given us to purchase that life, that life called, the eternal!!
Every plant has a root. The root is the foundation of and on which our life stands. The root of evil, apostasy, cowardice, and fear will never be good trading material. When we have a chance to STAND, we had better show which Army we represent. Many who have money, hate it, for it proves itself not to be an even medium of exchange even while here on this earth. But we, who are members of the great Army of the King, conduct ourselves according to the picture of the goal we have in our heart. From the root comes the stalk, from the stalk comes the fruit and every plant is determined worthy of joy or destruction by what fruit it bears. How many days do we live wondering if the air we have been given was used for the goal of our lives?
Whether we attain or loose, we will fight. Those who will get to heaven must fight under the right Commander. In this Army we will fight corruption, temptation, illicit pleasures. If we unfortunately join the other army, we will fight; so we chose the Army of God and Stand for His cause for all our lives we will fight!! The powers of darkness, the pleasures of sin and illegal sex, the vice of ill-gotten wealth will never come easy, so, if we must show your might and fight, why not fight for the RIGHT!!
We must “lay hold”! “Hold fast that which you have, that no man take your crown.” Revelation 3:11 Make sure you do not lose your grip!! Some slacken their grip for things they will never be able to trade in on or for eternal life (be it a wife, a missed service opportunity, forfeited example, or a squandered investment in this world and its pleasures). We must make sure we do not give up so much we cannot gain!! To gain a little peace in this world and lose peace with Christ in that one to come is poor trading!! Ours is a good fight, it is for a good cause, and it will gain for us a crown of righteousness. The other fight is not good, honorable, nor gainful. The crown IS eternal life. It can slide out of your grip!!

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