Why Be Lost? Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Why Be a Sinner?

The final judgment and “perdition of ungodly men” is set forth by the Lord Himself, as well as by His apostles, in the clearest and strongest terms, and in the boldest and most appalling imagery which human speech and human knowledge can afford. Indeed, to place this awfully sublime and glorious day in full array before the perceptive powers of man is impossible. The best efforts have exhausted the powers of communication in all her vaunted energies. John, in his sublime visions of the last acts of the great drama of human existence, says, “we know not what we shall be like, but we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.” From that point forward, time, existence as we know it, relationships that were comfortable here, and life in general will not be the same for any one—the lost and the saved. There are those who think this to be a bad nightmare given to scare the lost into submission while for the we who are trying to wake up from the haze and daze Satan has over their eyes, to warn them of their impending situation, pleading with them—why be lost??
If nothing else, a trip to the grave yards of this land should waken those hiding in the shroud of non-commitment. None in that place can rise and testify, but neither do they need to tell the story that Satan has perpetrated for the doomed—they soon will join their number!! There lie the young that cannot die, there lie the drunks who thought that they could never have been caught, drunk, there lies the winner of ‘Miss Morality’ who thought she surely had enough time to “get right” with God—but she never got around to getting her sins under the blood of the Son of God!! Look around you when there, my friend, every person who ever has lived is in a place of waiting. For what are they waiting? How many teeming years will they wait? They are waiting on the results. They no longer DO anything for or against themselves. They can never act in any capacity that would allow them salvation or damnation. Their time of DOING is gone—now they await the RESULTS!! There in that shallow grave lies the “I intended to,” “I will get around to being baptized, someday,” “I have lived a good moral life,” “I cannot have any fun and become a Christian,” or “I did not think God this serious so I never tried to make sure I was saved.” The joke will then be on you, my friend, for the time God gave you so you could prepare to meet Him in peace, you have used up and there is none left!! Why BE LOST??
I can cite you many reasons why you should not be lost—just do us both a favor—name me one reason you should reject the mercy and grace of the Lord of Glory!! Do you just want to be stubborn? Well, stubbornly decide to make Heaven your eternal home and let nothing deter you from your goal!! Do you want to be noticed? Well, you have been noticed, now notice the time clock has been running and your time is less than ever—better hurry up and obey the gospel, remember time is running out!! Are you trying to be spiteful? Well, in spite of your own selfish, childish mind, can reason–find an excuse—all the spite of a lifetime is not worthy of an eternity of misery, darkness, and loathing pain–are you sure you have enough spite in you to “gut it out” for eternity and feel vindicated for denying the God who loved you and gave Himself for you?? You are not acting rational, eternity is never-ending, are you sure you can afford such a loss?? Satan can not benefit you—he has nothing to offer you—don’t let your tirade for a life’s moment cost you your soul for eternity—wake up and see what you are doing and where you are heading—Hell is an awful place to go!! You have always bragged about getting your just dues for efforts you have been involved in—are you sure you want Satan’s??

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