Why Be Lost? Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Why Be a Sinner?

If a place is so horrible that God described it only using similes and metaphors. No man could begin to understand, it defied language man can comprehend. It is too terrible for anyone to even consider as an alternative to the place so wonderful God chose not to describe not trying to unduly sway we who are eternal!! The place is called Hell. I know some try to use the 21st and 22nd chapters of Revelations to attempt a description of Heaven, but if they would read in context, these chapters describe what has been on the earth for almost 2,000years, the Church of Christ!! There is NO description of Heaven in the scriptures!! But then, how could you describe to a physical being a spiritual place?? If God could not woo us to Heaven with the story as tender as Calvary, described by Christ, Himself as the greatest expression of love, possible; what would an accurate description of Heaven do to help?? Denominationalism would just call Him a liar again as they plagiarized His description!! “Greater love hath no man than this, than that He lay down His life for His friends”!! Sin did not make man mortal and salvation will not make us eternal; we were created eternal, that will never change, but we were not born sinners that we have to become, in spite of God, to go to Hell!!
Being eternal, our minds have only thought about life, here. We are use to man living and dieing, being born and growing old, being the epitome of health and the desperation of degradation. We are mind-conditioned by these events, never thinking of the soul and spirit that resides in the mortal frame called the body. Most of us think only on earthly things, never considering that which cries out within us that grows better, wiser, and more god-like as we grow older. We cannot deny the reality of the soul and spirit anymore that we can deny a dream, hope, a headache, or pain-although we have never seen them, either!! This likeness of Him from whom we came is not in a physical body, it is spiritual —for Heaven will be as different as the physical body is unlike the spiritual. Sometimes things are just too difficult to explain to those who have no way to comprehend the explanation. An example you ask? Have a woman who has never had a child to explain the love a woman who has lost one, has had!! Explain to a man who has never shared his world with a son, to explain the total devastation he feels when he has been betrayed by one son, when by his other son has honored him!! You see, there are just some things that will not allow explanation, communication, and cannot be shared. There is pain too deep, a hurt too hurtful, a fear that has never been reached and therefore cannot be explained to someone who has never begun to know the depth of feeling some have reached. Even among men there are some things words cannot be used to express, imagine God explaining Heaven to us physically-minded-midget-brained-Earth-bound humans!! And again, the uncontrollable mind-defying amazement realized would be lost by we who are granted entrance through the gates into the un-ending, deathless, never ceasing city of eternal fellowship with the God “whom we have never seen, yet, we love”!! Denominationalism tries to read our mail now; imagine being treated to a description of what they never will know!! Sometimes the anguish of not knowing is like the torture of Hell.
So, to re-phrase the question; “what would a man give in exchange for his soul?” We have heard all the excuses Satan has filled your head with, the lies that sound reasonable, the fears that have mounted up in your brain. None of them can convince the thinking, sane, intelligent person who always chooses life!! In a life or death situation like a car accident, operation, battlefield, etc., all of us would choose life!! Why be lost?

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